Saturday, 12 May 2018

(Post 22/week 20)Zero dollar project:Carousell,bitcoin faucets,short link,online survey and adsense updates

Updates for this week zero dollar project...

2.bitcoin faucets
3.short link survey



Another week of mailing and Meet up, this week I am happy to announce that my stamp booklet(10 stamps) has used finish. With each of my c4 size(A4) envelope using 2 stamps, this means I had already done 5 mailing. A new thing I learned this week is that the post office has this big letterbox(see picture below) to mail your large item(think Harry Potter book size)

This means that I do not have to queue up and pay extra charges for weighing and mailing at the post office counter, which could help save a lot of delivery fees and time in the long run. Also this week, I encounter an interesting carousell buyer who says he was donating the book to a children hostel and brought about 14 books off from me(Yes,14 books!).On top of that, he drove to below my BLK to collect the books, how convenient! (for me at least, haha)

2.Bitcoin faucets

This week update of bitcoin faucets

I also did some research on the exchange rate of cryptocurrency this week.

(still a long way 1 USD...)

3.Short link

Short link earning updates



For more information on how's I use both short link on my blog and YouTube, read here

4.Online survey

Current online survey on my list...

4.1 Toluna
4.3 YouGov
4.4 mobrog
4.5 ipanelonline
4.6 viewfruit
4.7 mysurvey

This week another withdrawal from surveyon(min $2) and the first ever withdrawal from viewfruit(min $5)

This month earning from online survey(so far):$7


Thanks to consistent blog posts and thank you to all the readers(especially the readers!), Google has finally approved me for Adsense for my blog

Earning report for this week Adsense:

Stay tuned to my part 2: investment project!

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