Monday, 16 April 2018

(Post 15/Week 16):Tipforthought:ebook and finding job

Part two of the post is here!

1.An interesting post to read this week


In summary:
1.With the increasing popularity of kindle,anyone can make money writing an ebook,even if you are a novice like me
2.Book Authur no longer have to face rejections from book publisher and would instead have the option to self publish
3.Decide on your book genre,whether it going to be fiction or non fiction,tutorial and guides for non fiction or crime,thriller and fastasy for fiction?
4.A good book cover is a very important factor in marketing your ebook(yes,sadly,we live in a very superficial world),do find a professional to design your ebook cover
5.Don't forget to write a description of your ebook on amazon and don't forget to add a sample of your book
6.Sell it cheap,at 99cent!

Perhaps I should get started on an ebook soon?haha

2.Some tipforthought(not really in a position to give tips but why not?)

Some time ago,I read an interesting article on a magazine about how to get that first job and with me about to ord soon,I thought it would be quite relevant to me,Here are some way mention by the magazine

*I am not affiliated to any of the companies mention below

1.Find job in newspapers article and locally publish trade magazine

Lots of job are often available at the st classified and thenewpaper app(I read thenewpaper app daily:),cause it's free!)

2.Find job in online portal

The most popular choices,no need to explain much,just upload and send your resume to the various company that are hiring

3.Find a job in your school

The student card is a very helpful tool,you can always approach your school career service for any help in your career or that first job

4.Find a job with a career fair

There are career fairs in sg all throughout the year,I just attended the mindef career fair for nsf not long ago,lot of engineering job and sign on opportunity too

5.Find a job with a recruitment agency

Personally,I think that if you are finding a part time job a recruitment agency would work fine,any full time job,you should liaise with the
company directly instead

Last but not least,networking,networking,networking!

As for me,with only a month left to ord and about 3month away from uni,I will probably be researching for any summer internship or maybe a part time job


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