Thursday, 31 October 2019

(Post 129/Year 3 Week 5)TipforThought:15 Everyday Life tips

Back again with another tipforthoughts!This time here are some everyday Life Tips,courtesy from Reader digest
1.Wrinkling your face with a cotton pillowcase

Pressing your face constantly into your pillowcase causes trauma to your skin, "says dermatologist Dennis cross.Over time, this trauma, aggravated by the friction of the cotton, can cause permanent creases as our collagen breaks down. Instead, move to silk or satin instances as they enable the skin to flow so that it does not squeeze or tug. This helps to decrease the crease lines.

2.Singing in the shower

Does listening to music make you feel good?That's you brain rewarding yourself with dopamine, the same way it reacts to eating patato chips or falling in love. So put on your favorite song sing along (the profound breathing connected with singing has been shown to enhance health) and lather up.

3.Not dressing for success

When it comes to selecting your outfit, study shows that appearance affects perception, avoid these fashion blunders.

4.Not wearing your eyeglasses

Beyond the brainy association and being able to see properly ,specs draw attention to your eyes ,the window to empathy.

5.Dressing too casually

Suit (and other professional attire, such as lab coat) actually make you look more competent,especially designer labels.

6.Looking too mainstream

While matching your outfit to your work is important, one research discovered that adding an offbeat element such as red ribbon to a traditional item makes you look more skilled because you seem unique.

7.Checking email constantly

Close that browser window the survey in which workers were requested to check their email only three times a day or as often as possible, the three-fold daily group felt as much stress reduction as individuals using relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or visualizing a happy location

8.Snubbing your desk plant(or not having one at all) 

Research shows that employees with real desk side flowers or leaves are more productive than those without. One research even discovered that people encircled by office plants performed better on tasks involving memory and attention

9.Not phoning your mother

A university in Wisconsin discovered that participants exposed to a stressful situation (public speaking followed by solving math issue in front of an audience) showed q marked reduction in stress hormones and increased happiness generating oxytoxin when they spoke to their mom on their phone or immediately afterwards.

10.Staring down at your phone

The average head weight up to 5.5 kilograms,but when you let it hang it down to read on your phone,it is the same as putting 27 kilograms stress weight on your neck according to a study from surgical studies international.The solution:hold your phone more in line to your eyes or leave it in your pocket

11.Eating at your computer 

There are many reasons why eating in front of your laptop is a bad idea. Research shows that you tend to eat more, make less good choices, miss out on lunchtime comaderie and are more likely to reach the creative wall. In a latest study, workers who took a 30-minute lunchtime walk three times a week felt more passionate and less stressed.

12.Taking your coffee break in the office kitchen 

Step outside instead and your waistline will thank you. A U.S. research discovered that individuals who get most of their daily sunlight before noon have lower BMI than those who catch some rays later in the days.

13.Cramming your head phones into your pocket

Movement causes cables to tangle up. That's why your earbud tangle in your pocket but not while sitting on your desk. Use this knit prevention trick: loop the cord around your hand until no cable is dropped, then twist in the center to create a compact figure 8.

14.Eating by candlelight

When Cornell university researchers changed half of a fast food restaurant to include low lighting and atmospheric music, clients in the modified segment were not only slower but also eaten fewer kilojoules and reported enjoying their food more than clients who ate identical meals in restaurants.

15.Playing video games make you less submissive to pain

Who realized that playing would relieve pain? When your cognitive resources are so concentrated on mentally challenging games, you jav less attention to external stimuli, including pain. In one of our studies, patients who play a virtual reality game known as the snow world recorded a decrease in pain similar to that of a mild dose of hydromorph.

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