Friday, 6 September 2019

(Post 126/Year 2 Week 44)TipforThought: Tips on using LinkedIN and Advice for Fresh Graduates

Tips or hack on using LinkedIn

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LinkedIn helps you connect to opportunities from job and business leads to staying informed about industry developments, an expanding or staying touch with your professional network.

1.Profile Picture

Start with uploading a profile photo that show your face and shoulder.Our profile show that member that are 14 times more likely to be viewed.Keep the photo professional, a vacation picture is not appropriate unless you are an travel writer.

2.A Interesting Headline

Having an interesting headline (that's more than your job title )is also helpful in describing what you do and how the value you bring.For example,instead of "marketing manager" ,consider " Marketer focus on lead generation and building brands ".

3.Create A Compelling Summary Of Your Experience And Achievement

Create a compelling summary of your experience and achievement -this section provide a quick overview of who you are and increase your chances of being viewed by 7 times

4.Participating In Professional Conversation

Your LinkedIn profile should be dynamic ,so stay active on the problem by participating in professional conversations.Think of it as an investment portfolio- you need to "invest "(engage your network on LinkedIn) before you can "reap dividends" (for example,getting a new job).

5.Signal Your Interest

If your're planning to enter an industry or area where you don;t have much experience in,signal your interest by following relevant topics,influencers and companies on LinkedIn. For example, if you're looking at DBS as a potential employer,start by following the company,its CEO Piyush Gupta(also a LinkedIn Influencer), and the Banking & Finance channel on LinkedIn .

6.Adding Volunteer Experience

Besides your professional achievement,add your volunteer experiences. This will add another dimension to who you are as a person and can boost your profile views by 6 times!


Lastly, get others to speak on your behalf, including recommendations from people you know and trust will add even more credibility to your professional brand

Advice For The Fresh Graduate Job Seeker

1.Think Hard On The Work You Want To Do Or Passionate About

Think long and hard about the type of work you want to do or are passionate about - your authenticity and passion will come through (or not) in job interviews.

2.Building Your Professional Presence

Building your professional presence or brands on social professional networks like LinkedIn.This is indispensable,as recruiters see social professional networks as top source of quality hires.If they are "fishing" on these platform ,you should be there too.

3.Highlight Other Experiences

While you may not have much professional experience ,highlight other experiences such as internships or volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile.Showcase projects you did particularly well in to substantiate what you are capable of,for example, your final year project.

4.Do your Research

Lastly,do your research about the job you are interested in, and remember to leverage your networks to get a warm introduction instead of making a "cold call" application - employee referrals are rising a tip source of hire for recruiters.

Hope this help!

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