Tuesday, 14 September 2021

(Post 171/Yr 5 wk 4)Company Report:ARK Investment Management Daily Trades 9/13/2021[pluristem therapeutics]


Short summary of Ark trades for 9/13/2021

Ark invest continue to increase their holding for Discovery and Robinhood after its initial ipo hype.It has continue to decrease their holding in china related stock such as YEAHKA and Zhongan . One important thing to note that Ark has completely sell all of its Tencent stock in ARKK ETF ,ARKX ETF,ARKW,ARKQ ETF,only its ARKF still hold TENCENT.Ark has also sold all of its ke holdings stock in its ETF.This could be a good start to initiate position in chinese company for those risk taker. Another stock that Ark has almost exited their entire position is PSTI.Ark seem to be trading around jd.com as they are selling some of it after they had increase their buy in the last few weeks

One notable stock for the day...

Pluristem therapeutics

Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical stage company, which engages in cell therapy development. It develops placenta-based cell therapy product candidates for the treatment of multiple ischemic, inflammatory and hematologic conditions. The firm focuses on the development, clinical trials and manufacturing of cell therapeutics and related technologies. Its products include Clinical Pipeline, PLX-Immune, PLX-PAD, and PLX-R18. The company was founded by Doron Shorrer on May 11, 2001 and is headquartered in Haifa, Israel

Historical data for Sept (Pluristem therapeutics)

6 month high:8.13(10 Feb)

6 month low:2.90(13 Sep)

Changes in Ark ETF holding for Sept 2021(Pluristem therapeutics)

Daily 13F filing(Pluristem therapeutics)

Fundamental analysis(Pluristem therapeutics)

Pluristem therapeutics related video

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*All company information are taken from tiger broker ,google charts,catheark,arktrack,whalewisdom and the historical price data from m.investing
*i do not own any position in the above stock

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