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[Post 489] Market Summary and Ark Daily Trades Summary for 01/03/2023

Market summary for today

S&P 500 (SPY) -0.39%NASDAQ (QQQ) -0.66%Dow (DIA) -0.03%Russell 2K (IWM) -0.55%'

Top news for today

Meet The Company Revolutionizing Risk Compliance And Operations In The Financial Space, Potentially Unlocking Billions
Most traders don’t think about the vast network of intricacies and regulations that keep the financial markets going. Beacon is a technology company that helps asset managers streamline their risk compliance and operational platforms, allowing investors to focus on trades. (4:56pm ET)
10 Best Stock Traders In Congress In 2022 (Spoiler: Nancy Pelosi Isn't No. 1)
A new report was out about the performance of members of the U.S. Congress who bought and sold stocks and options in 2022. The report broke down unusual trading activity from members of Congress and also showed the members who beat the returns of the S&P 500. Here are the highlights of the report. (1:53pm ET)
Too Many 'No's' For McCarthy: House Of Representatives Has Yet To Secure New Speaker
The GOP-dominated House of Representatives has yet to secure a majority Speaker. Republican Kevin McCarthy from California, who had been House minority leader since 2019, was considered the most likely candidate for the role. (1:50pm ET)
Kevin McCarthy Still Not Secure In House Speaker Position As Congress Vote Moves Forward: What Can This Mean For Biden's Agenda?
A GOP-dominated House of Representatives is swearing in on Tuesday and taking a vote to decide the new House Speaker. What Happened: Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader since 2019, is the most likely candidate for the role, but last-minute reports showed the California Republican scrambling for votes as the deadline looms. (12:22pm ET)
Tesla Bears Grip EV Stock Following Weak Delivery Numbers: What's Going On?
Tesla, Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) was plunging over 9% to start the 2023 trading year despite the S&P 500 trading flat. (10:22am ET)
Are S&P 500 Stocks Poised To Bounce Big In 2023? Here's What Analysts Think
After a disappointing year, expectations are that it can’t get any worse for the financial markets. (8:57am ET)
Elon Musk Expresses Dissatisfaction Over IRS Norms For EV Credits, Largest iPhone Plant In China Resumes 100% Production, US Republican Back TikTok Sale To US Entity: Top Stories Today
Benzinga (8:39am ET)
Elon Musk Successor Rumors Refueled, Meta's Decision On Trump, Michael Bury's Inflation Warning And More: 5 Key Stories You May Have Missed From The Weekend
The long weekend on account of the public holiday on Monday was largely devoid of any major news and here's a recap of a few major headlines that hit the wire over the weekend: (8:12am ET)
Southwest Airlines More Or Less Returns To Normal Schedule Amid Processing Refunds
Southwest Airlines Co (NYSE: LUV) restored to more-normal operations this weekend after a cascade of flight cancellations over the holidays. (8:00am ET)
US Stocks On Track To Start 2023 On Upbeat Note As Investors Shrug Off Past Year's Dismal Show And Pin Hopes On A Rebound
Trading in the U.S. index futures suggests that stocks may get off to a strong start in the first trading session of 2023. The mood is in contrast to the cautious outlook given by most Wall Street analysts regarding the year's market trajectory. (6:00am ET)
My top 1 mover for today
My favorite companies with biggest relative price change today. Prices from IEXGo to my dashboard.
CompanyPrev CloseCloseChange
My news for today
Selected news for my favorite companies.
AAPL10 Best Stock Traders In Congress In 2022 (Spoiler: Nancy Pelosi Isn't No. 1) (1:53pm)
AAPLWhy Apple Stock Is Falling Today (1:26pm)
AAPLNFL Week 17 Indicate Operators Benefited From OSB Launch In Ohio: Analyst (12:57pm)
AAPLStocks That Hit 52-Week Lows On Tuesday (12:54pm)
AAPLApple Tells Suppliers To Build Fewer Components For AirPods, Apple Watch And MacBook As Shares Sink To 52-Week Low: What You Need To Know (11:01am)
AAPLApple Hikes Battery Replacement Service Fee For Out-Of-Warranty iPhones, iPads, And MacBooks (9:28am)
AAPL'Nvidia, Foxconn Team Up For Autonomous Vehicles' - DigiTimes (9:25am)
AAPLElon Musk Expresses Dissatisfaction Over IRS Norms For EV Credits, Largest iPhone Plant In China Resumes 100% Production, US Republican Back TikTok Sale To US Entity: Top Stories Today (8:39am)
AAPLShopify Could Emerge As Another Benefactor Of Apple's Privacy Concerns: FT (7:51am)
AAPLFoxconn's Largest iPhone Plant In China Nears Resuming 100% Production (7:47am)
My Reddit updates for today
Selected Reddit posts for my favorite companies.
AAPLThe Snowball is Rolling. My goal for 2023 is $100 per month. (dividends)
AAPLWhat are your plans for 2023? (stocks)
AAPLWhat Are Your Moves Tomorrow, January 04, 2023 (wallstreetbets)
AAPLAt what price would you guys be comfortable buying Apple at? (investing)
AAPLDaily Discussion Thread for January 03, 2023 (wallstreetbets)
AAPLShould I have seen this coming? (Daytrading)
AAPLYou all made fun of me last time I posted. Held strong (wallstreetbets)
AAPLSince all of you keep making fun of my flair, I thought I would prove why Buffett belongs here (wallstreetbets)
AAPLPre-market profit (options)
AAPLDaily Discussion Thread - January 03, 2023 (WallstreetbetsOGs)
Top institutional trades filed today
Beneficial ownership from 13D and 13G filings. More on CapEdge.
D/GCompanyFiled ByTradedSharesPrevPrice
GCFIVRadcliffe Capital ManagementDec 299.12%0%$10.21
GTERNSuvretta Capital ManagementDec 217%0%$8.52
GVKTXMillennium ManagementDec 236.3%0%$8.45
GPTGXCitadel AdvisorsDec 213.6%0%$9.77
GDHCMillennium ManagementDec 235.4%4.9%$0.6564
DPFXLorber David ADec 233.9%3.7%$34.91
DEXTNChai TrustOct 130%24.57%
DSTRKimmeridge Energy ManagementDec 290%74.2%$30.15
DAKOMWorld PraiseDec 728.1%0%
DASRVDriver ManagementDec 298.1%7%$3.98
Top insider trades filed today
Direct and active (not through a 10b5-1 plan) trades. More on CapEdge.
BuyCLRD11.78 mm$0.68$1.20 mm
SellCECO111.00 k$11.59$127.44 k
BuyHEOL18.00$13.00 k$104.00 k
BuyGLSI14.00 k$15.19$60.76 k
BuySVRA136.00 k$1.54$55.59 k
BuyTHRX110.00 k$5.00$49.99 k
BuyTOVX1100.00 k$0.44$43.70 k
BuyEYEN121.75 k$1.50$32.63 k
BuyTMC142.00 k$0.71$29.82 k
SellFXNC11.55 k$17.00$26.33 k
Trending on Reddit
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TickerCompany14 Day Trend ➡️
PEGPublic Service Enterprise Group Inc.
REEverest Re Group Ltd

ARK Investment Management Daily Trades 01/03/2023
ARKK view fund page1/3/2023
DirectionTickerCompany NameShares Traded | % of Total ETF
BuyTSLATESLA INC144,776 | 0.2609
SellMTLSMATERIALISE NV48,732 | 0.0073
ARKQ view fund page1/3/2023
DirectionTickerCompany NameShares Traded | % of Total ETF
BuyTSLATESLA INC31,336 | 0.4270
SellCATCATERPILLAR INC5,068 | 0.1515
SellDEDEERE & CO5,556 | 0.2957
ARKG view fund page1/3/2023
DirectionTickerCompany NameShares Traded | % of Total ETF
BuySLGCSOMALOGIC INC287,952 | 0.0385
BuyCDXSCODEXIS INC50,433 | 0.0122
BuyPSNLPERSONALIS INC50,146 | 0.0053

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