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[Post 536] Market Summary and Ark Daily Trades Summary for 01/30/2023

Market summary for today

S&P 500 (SPY) -1.22%NASDAQ (QQQ) -2.08%Dow (DIA) -0.75%Russell 2K (IWM) -1.39%

Top news for today

How The GameStop Chart Looks Following 2-Year Anniversary Of First Historic Short Squeeze
GameStop Corporation (NYSE: GME) was sliding over 5% on Monday in consolidation after surging about 14% on Friday. (3:38pm ET)
Is California Bitter Over Elon Musk's Move To Texas? State Might Be Hitting The Tesla CEO With New Tax Bill
A new bill proposed in the state of California could target the billionaires who live in the state and those who have since relocated. The bill could be aimed at Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who made a very public move of himself and Tesla headquarters to the state of Texas. (3:13pm ET)
'Like A Sprained Ankle, Boy, I Ain't Nothin' To Play With': Here's How Patrick Mahomes Helped Drake Win Millions Despite His Injury
Rapper Drake has become known in the sports betting community as a potential curse with several large wagers placed on teams or athletes he’s a fan of turning into losing bets. A million-dollar bet on the NFL Playoffs over the weekend may have broken the Drake curse and netted him a nice return. (2:26pm ET)
Bits Of Stock CEO: Rewarding Customers With Shares Is Next-Level Shopping, Wealth Building
When you shop, you can build wealth. That's the thesis behind Bits of Stock, a startup that specializes in stock rewards and loyalty programs. (11:49am ET)
Will TikTok Get Banned? CEO To Address Security Worries As House Panel Mulls Vote
TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew will appear before the U.S. (11:18am ET)
1,000 People Receive Cataract Surgery Thanks To This Millionaire YouTube Star
Famous Youtuber MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has paid 1,000 blind people to get cataract surgeries to restore their sight. (10:35am ET)
$1,000 Invested In 4 Of The 5 Vaccine Developers Back When WHO Declared COVID-19 An Emergency Yielded Returns
The COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2019 in China and spread to the rest of the globe in early 2020. Since then, the virus has caused more than 6.8 million deaths. (10:28am ET)
This Day In Market History: AOL-Time Warner Reports Largest Loss Of Any Public Company Ever
Each day, Benzinga takes a look back at a notable market-related moment that happened on this date. What Happened? On this day in 2003, AOL and Time Warner Inc (NYSE: TWX), which had merged in 2000, announced the largest annual loss of any public company in history. (9:28am ET)
US Futures Slump Ahead Of Fed Decision, Big Tech Earnings: Powell Key For Keeping Rally Hopes Alive, Say Analysts
U.S. stocks are poised to kickstart the proceedings of the week with a steep move to the downside, spearheaded by tech stocks. The major index futures point to a lower start on Monday. Cues From Past Week’s Trading: (6:35am ET)
Will Apple Follow Tech Peers In Announcing A Mass Layoff This Week? Analyst Says iPhone Maker In A 'Unique' Position
Apple Inc. (6:05am ET)
My top 1 mover for today
My favorite companies with biggest relative price change today. Prices from IEXGo to my dashboard.
CompanyPrev CloseCloseChange
My news for today
Selected news for my favorite companies.
AAPLApple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Earlier Tweeted "Anjie Technology Will Be The New Beneficiary Of The All-new Design Foldable iPad. There May Be No New iPad Releases In The Next 9-12 Months As The iPad Mini Refresh Is More Likely To Begin Mass Production In Q1 2024" (10:42am)
AAPLWhy These Analysts Are Warning Investors January Stock Market Rally 'Will Not Last' (10:24am)
AAPLMasimo Wins IPR Patent Trial Vs Apple (10:20am)
AAPLApple Expert Warns About 'Troll Account' Pushing 'Fake' iOS 17 Stories: 'Surprised At Reputable Sites Covering It' (10:03am)
AAPLElon Musk Lists 8 'Useful' iPhone Notes App Features You May Not Know About (8:54am)
AAPLMeta Quest Pro Available At $400 Discount Now — A Good Bargain Or Still Too Pricey? (8:51am)
AAPLElon Musk Gets Sound Advice, Trump Hits Campaign Trail, ChatGPT Faces China Threat And More: 5 Key Stories You May Have Missed From The Weekend (7:50am)
AAPLApple Analyst Says Don't Expect To See New iPads For A Year (7:46am)
AAPLApple Supplier Jabil Starts Making AirPods Components In India, Reduce Dependence On China (6:56am)
AAPLWill Apple Follow Tech Peers In Announcing A Mass Layoff This Week? Analyst Says iPhone Maker In A 'Unique' Position (6:05am)
My Reddit updates for today
Selected Reddit posts for my favorite companies.
AAPLChartGalLori's Monday Pre-Market Notes for 1/30/23 (Daytrading)
AAPLWhat Are Your Moves Tomorrow, January 31, 2023 (wallstreetbets)
AAPLWhy are the stocks plummeting today? (wallstreetbets)
AAPLELI5 Apple’s share price is $145.93 with a diluted EPS of 1.29. Why would I risk ~$146 just to make less than a couple bucks? (stocks)
AAPLDaily Discussion Thread - January 30th, 2023 (RobinHood)
Top institutional trades filed today
Beneficial ownership from 13D and 13G filings. More on CapEdge.
D/GCompanyFiled ByTradedSharesPrevPrice
DMPASaba Capital ManagementJan 265.55%0%$11.39
DSBISaba Capital ManagementJan 265.18%0%$7.91
DCVEOHorizon Kinetics Asset ManagementDec 3128.2%24.5%
DEMOSaba Capital ManagementJan 2515.84%14.62%$30.71
DVCIFBulldog Investors5.18%6.78%
DSThird PointJan 264.43%6.7%$14.52
GBNEDGreenhaven Road Investment ManagementJan 207.9%0%$1.84
GMSBHorizon Kinetics Asset ManagementDec 3120.5%16.2%
GCVEOHorizon Kinetics Asset ManagementDec 3128.2%24.5%
GGAMIHorizon Kinetics Asset ManagementDec 316.7%5.5%
Top insider trades filed today
Direct and active (not through a 10b5-1 plan) trades. More on CapEdge.
BuyLafayette Square Empire BDC1486.82 k$14.79$7.20 mm
SellEFSC178.34 k$52.03$4.08 mm
SellGPI12.50 k$205.50$513.75 k
BuySHW12.21 k$226.70$500.33 k
BuyNEWT113.57 k$19.55$243.18 k
SellDHI11.75 k$96.77$169.15 k
BuyFMNB210.37 k$13.43$139.05 k
SellWOR12.00 k$55.30$110.60 k
BuyTRST21.32 k$33.82$44.98 k
BuySQL335.73 k$0.88$32.49 k
Trending on Reddit
Companies currently trending on Reddit. More on CapEdge.
TickerCompany14 Day Trend ➡️
SOFISoFi Technologies Inc
LCIDLucid Group Inc
CVNACarvana Co.
COSTCostco Wholesale Corp
WBAWalgreens Boots Alliance Inc
UPSUnited Parcel Service, Inc.
HITIHigh Tide Inc.

ARK Investment Management Daily Trades 01/30/2023
ARKK view fund page1/30/2023
DirectionTickerCompany NameShares Traded | % of Total ETF
BuyTDOCTELADOC INC239,920 | 0.0885
SellMTLSMATERIALISE NV16,739 | 0.0022
ARKQ view fund page1/30/2023
DirectionTickerCompany NameShares Traded | % of Total ETF
BuyTERTERADYNE INC36,150 | 0.3946
BuyVLDVELO3D INC127,708 | 0.0310
SellDEDEERE & CO13,150 | 0.5989
ARKG view fund page1/30/2023
DirectionTickerCompany NameShares Traded | % of Total ETF
BuyTDOCTELADOC INC62,033 | 0.0777
BuyCDNACAREDX INC89,781 | 0.0580
ARKF view fund page1/30/2023
DirectionTickerCompany NameShares Traded | % of Total ETF
BuyROKUROKU INC77,362 | 0.4920
BuyINTUINTUIT INC10,047 | 0.4867
BuyTDOCTELADOC INC71,556 | 0.2378
SellSQBLOCK INC25,914 | 0.2456
SellSHOPSHOPIFY INC87,844 | 0.4924

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