Monday, 20 February 2023

[Post 572] What's It Like Working At KFC? | Inside KFC E2 | Our Stories


We learn what it's like to work at KFC, getting an inside look at daily life of employees around the company. Subscribe to Our Stories: This documentary series goes inside the fast food giant KFC UK from their boardrooms to their kitchens. In this episode the lid is lifted on the reality of working on the frontline. In Oxley, there's the opening of a brand new store and 50 staff are recruited from local unemployed youth. Among them are tattooed 19 year old Travis, who has marketing qualifications and Kim, who has an abundance of GCSEs and A Levels. We also follow KFC's attempts to tackle the huge amounts of cooked chicken they throw away on a daily basis. KFC: The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop - Episode 2 This film was first broadcast: 25 Mar 2015

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