Thursday 7 December 2017

First post!!

Hi everyone, I'm soniceric, my real name is of course not soniceric, it's just Ericsson :)

The reason I name this blog as soniceric is a word play on the brand of "sony Ericsson" hence soniceric(geddit?)

I started this blog as I am inspired by the many financial blogs in Singapore, I am grateful for the interesting insights and tip that those blogs have given me

Just a little bit about myself

-have about 10k to invest from saving during NS days(or currently in investment)
-love to try out different way to make money
-will try to update the blog once a week

This blog will be slightly different from all the financial blog that you have read so far not only I will be talking about investment, I will also be talking about the other way to earn passive income with zero dollars (yes you heard me, zero dollars!)

I am still on the journey to attain financial freedom, are you also in the journey to attain financial freedom?

If so do join me in this journey! :)

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