Thursday 30 May 2024

[Post 552] "Kids Are Too Expensive!” How Thailand Became One Of The World's Fastest Aging Countries | Insight


After Singapore, Thailand has the lowest fertility rate in Southeast Asia, making it one of the fastest aging countries in the world. The problem is, Thailand will grow old before it grows rich. 

An aging society is typically a predicament affecting developed nations. But Thailand is still developing. So, why is it facing a population crisis ahead of time? How did culture, religion, the economy, policies, and politics drive down the birthrate in the Land of Smiles? The Thai government is changing the laws to encourage more births. Can they reverse the slide? And, faced with a stagnating economy and competition from its younger neighbours, what does it mean for Thailand if it cannot rejuvenate its fertility rate?

Wednesday 29 May 2024

[Post 551] Savings Account Interest Rates Going Down: Better Ways To Save? | Money Mind | Savings


Major banks are cutting rates on their flagship savings accounts, so what are the low risk, high yield alternatives for savvy savers?

[Post 550] Finding A Career Sponsor: A Better Way To Advance Your Career Quickly? | Money Mind | Career


Breaking down the ways a mentor can help you level up in the workplace, and why it can be especially beneficial for women.

Tuesday 28 May 2024

[Post 549] Same Style For Less Money? Why Some Buyers Choose Dupe Products: Bargain Hunters | On The Red Dot


Dupes, or duplicates, have surged in popularity in recent years - offering budget-friendly options to high-end products. From designer fashion to make-up and tech, bargain hunters can find many products that are inspired by trendy branded originals. There are even dupes available for popular fast food items. How difficult is it to find good dupes, and how much can you really save from buying them?

Meet avid frozen food dupe hunter, Leslie Koh, relishes in finding “taste-alikes” for popular branded fast food and teaches you how to cook them to satisfy cravings at a fraction of the price. Next, Isyraf Rusydi, a business student who collects fragrances as a hobby, shows Host Andrea Chong where to buy popular expensive scents at a fraction of the costs. Then, Isabelle Rosta, who has a women’s lifestyle blog, shares her dupe fashion finds. She attempts to find Andrea a dupe of an outfit worn by a character in the series 'Emily In Paris,' which Andrea admires. Will she be successful in finding a budget-friendly option?

[Post 548] Coping With Job Loss? Pro Tips On What To Do In The First 24 Hours | Money Mind | Jobs


How to bounce back stronger after losing your job. What to do and what to avoid in the first 24 hours. 

Monday 27 May 2024

[Post 547] Why Malaysia’s Currency Has Been Falling: Can The Ringgit Recover? | Insight | Full Episode


In February this year, the Malaysian currency, the ringgit, suffered its steepest decline in 26 years. It briefly slipped past MYR 4.8 against the US dollar, its weakest since reaching an all-time low of 4.88 during the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis. 

This has caused a strain on the country’s key industries - from the airlines to manufacturing - due to higher fuel prices and cost of raw materials. It has shaken investor confidence and accelerated outward migration. 

Why has the ringgit lost so much of its value? Could the depreciating ringgit spell trouble for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim? As the government projects a recovery, is a turnaround in sight?

[Post 546] Hot Weather Makes You Less Productive: How To Keep Cool & Save On Energy Costs | Money Mind


Beating the heat with some cool tips and solutions while keeping energy bills down.