Friday 31 May 2024

[Post 388] Gen Z Spending More On Travelling: Tips On Planning Your Next Holiday | Money Mind | Travel


Travel experiences are increasingly the currency of choice among travelers today. So how do you get the best bang for your buck when planning such holidays?  

Tips On What To Spend On, To Make The Most Of A New Holiday Experience

Thursday 30 May 2024

[Post 387] Gen Z Money Tips: Saving $10k Fast On A Graduate's Starting Salary | Money Mind | Savings


How do you save $10k quickly if you've just started working? One Gen Z shares his strategies. 

[Post 386] "Kids Are Too Expensive!” How Thailand Became One Of The World's Fastest Aging Countries | Insight


After Singapore, Thailand has the lowest fertility rate in Southeast Asia, making it one of the fastest aging countries in the world. The problem is, Thailand will grow old before it grows rich. 

An aging society is typically a predicament affecting developed nations. But Thailand is still developing. So, why is it facing a population crisis ahead of time? How did culture, religion, the economy, policies, and politics drive down the birthrate in the Land of Smiles? The Thai government is changing the laws to encourage more births. Can they reverse the slide? And, faced with a stagnating economy and competition from its younger neighbours, what does it mean for Thailand if it cannot rejuvenate its fertility rate?

Wednesday 29 May 2024

[Post 385] Savings Account Interest Rates Going Down: Better Ways To Save? | Money Mind | Savings


Major banks are cutting rates on their flagship savings accounts, so what are the low risk, high yield alternatives for savvy savers?

Tuesday 28 May 2024

[Post 384] Same Style For Less Money? Why Some Buyers Choose Dupe Products: Bargain Hunters | On The Red Dot


Dupes, or duplicates, have surged in popularity in recent years - offering budget-friendly options to high-end products. From designer fashion to make-up and tech, bargain hunters can find many products that are inspired by trendy branded originals. There are even dupes available for popular fast food items. How difficult is it to find good dupes, and how much can you really save from buying them?

Meet avid frozen food dupe hunter, Leslie Koh, relishes in finding “taste-alikes” for popular branded fast food and teaches you how to cook them to satisfy cravings at a fraction of the price. Next, Isyraf Rusydi, a business student who collects fragrances as a hobby, shows Host Andrea Chong where to buy popular expensive scents at a fraction of the costs. Then, Isabelle Rosta, who has a women’s lifestyle blog, shares her dupe fashion finds. She attempts to find Andrea a dupe of an outfit worn by a character in the series 'Emily In Paris,' which Andrea admires. Will she be successful in finding a budget-friendly option?

Monday 27 May 2024

[Post 383] Why Malaysia’s Currency Has Been Falling: Can The Ringgit Recover? | Insight | Full Episode


In February this year, the Malaysian currency, the ringgit, suffered its steepest decline in 26 years. It briefly slipped past MYR 4.8 against the US dollar, its weakest since reaching an all-time low of 4.88 during the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis. 

This has caused a strain on the country’s key industries - from the airlines to manufacturing - due to higher fuel prices and cost of raw materials. It has shaken investor confidence and accelerated outward migration. 

Why has the ringgit lost so much of its value? Could the depreciating ringgit spell trouble for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim? As the government projects a recovery, is a turnaround in sight?

[Post 382] Hot Weather Makes You Less Productive: How To Keep Cool & Save On Energy Costs | Money Mind


Beating the heat with some cool tips and solutions while keeping energy bills down.

Sunday 26 May 2024

[Post 381] Save Money On Your Home Renovation With DIY, Thrifting, Taobao: Bargain Hunters | On The Red Dot


Creating your dream home can be costly…but it doesn’t have to be. Host Das meets couples who have done more for less, as he picks tips on glamming up his future home. When Izwan and Nadirah were forced to move up the timeline on their home purchase, they were left with just $5,000 to renovate their 5-room flat. Das discovers how they turned their blank canvas into a modern masterpiece - and their limitation into a thriving business – by doing it themselves.

Myra, known to her friends at the “Taobao queen”, saved thousands on furniture by buying direct from manufacturers on China’s largest online marketplace, despite not being able to read a word of Chinese. She teaches Das how to navigate the platform, save costs on shipping and even snag free furniture customisation. You’d never guess that 80% of the furnishing in Renee and Leo’s home is second-hand. Das learns how to haggle for homeware and get furniture for free, and transforms a worn out chair into a new piece for his home.

Saturday 25 May 2024

[Post 380] How Food Prep Saved Me From Having To Get A Second Job | Money Mind | Japan


After decades of deflation, Japan is now experiencing rising prices. Food items have seen some of the most price hikes. So how do you cope with inflation when your salary just isn't keeping up? For one Japanese millennial in Tokyo, the solution is at his fingertips.

[Post 379] Save Or Spend? Tips On Making The Most Of Your Bonus | Money Mind | Personal Finance


You've earned it, so how can you make the most of it? Tips on making your bonus go further.

Thursday 23 May 2024

[Post 377] What does the yen at a 34-year low mean for Japanese companies, consumers and tourism?


The Japanese yen has fallen sharply to a 34-year low against the US dollar. The weak yen is positive for inbound visitors, but Japanese consumers and companies are feeling the pinch. CNA's Henry Yin and Michiyo Ishida explain.

Wednesday 22 May 2024

[Post 376] What's driving China's gold buying spree?


Gold has surged to record levels this year. 

It's benefiting as investors flee to safe-haven assets amid geopolitical concerns and recession chatter. 

And there's a strong China connection.

But why is gold a top choice? Roland Lim explains.

Tuesday 21 May 2024

[Post 375] CNA Explains: Why is gold a safe haven asset?


From sticky inflation and high interest rates to bank failures and recession chatters, it has been a rough few years for investors. Many have been seeking shelter in safe haven assets. But why is gold a top choice for them? CNA’s Olivia Marzuki explains.

Monday 20 May 2024

[Post 374] How to make the best use of your SkillsFuture credits | Money Talks podcast


Japan is known for its unforgiving work culture -- characterised by long hours, obligatory drinking parties and a rigid hierarchy. Some 9% of workers in the country put in more than 60 hours a week in 2022. But a post-pandemic reset and shifting attitudes among the younger generation are slowly driving change. Japanese youth remain some of the unhappiest among developed countries, ranking 73rd in the latest World Happiness Report. CNA's Michiyo Ishida follows one young worker to find out more about this generational shift.

Sunday 19 May 2024

[Post 373] Work cultures in East Asia: Why do more young people choose to 'lie flat'?


Younger workers in East Asia are rebelling against long working hours, seeking greener pastures that enable a better work-life balance. CNA's East Asia Tonight takes a look at what this means for societies and dives deep into a post-COVID reset in Japan's workplaces.

Saturday 18 May 2024

[Post 372] Clash of the chip titans: China versus the rest of the world? Part 2


Not a shot was fired.

And there was no blood.

But the battle for supremacy in semiconductor manufacturing in East Asia has always been brutal.

East Asia Tonight takes a look at the clash of the region's semiconductor titans.

Thursday 16 May 2024

[Post 371] Tips On How To Calculate & Reach Your Long-Term Saving Targets | Money Mind | Savings


Young adults in Singapore told Money Mind that they think they'll need $5,000 a month for retirement. What savings and investment strategy would you need to hit that retirement target? 

Wednesday 15 May 2024

[Post 370] How To Grow Your Income: Tips For My Younger Self | Money Mind | Personal Finance


Financial tips from the Asia-Pacific Managing Director of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Why saving, is not the number one thing you should do with your money.

[Post 369] How To Hack Earning Airline Miles & Travel Business Class For Free: Bargain Hunters | On The Red Dot


One couple gets business class tickets for free. One executive gets free eats all the time. Another shopper regularly pays almost half price for her buys. Their secret? Earning redeemable points as they spend. From maximising credit card points to accumulating membership cards, coins and vouchers online, these bargain hunters will show you how to can travel, dine and shop for cheap or even for free.

Wenny Yee, a 28 year old nutritionist, is big on loyalty programmes. She earns points each time she orders food at her favourite joints. It saves her up to $80 dollars a month. Alison Lim often shares her best bargains and buys on an online community platform, Daiso and Lobang Lovers. She saves almost 40% from all her online purchases. How does she do it? Marilyn Chew and Low Jian Sheng travel up to seven months a year using the miles earned through credit card spendings to redeem some of their most lucrative travel expenses. 

Sunday 12 May 2024

[Post 368] What To Accomplish With Your Money By 40 (And How To Catch Up) | Money Mind | Finance


What are the key financial goals you should aim for before the age of 40 - and what can you do to catch up, if you're not quite on track?

Saturday 11 May 2024

[Post 367] What You Need To Know About SORA Before You Choose A Home Loan | Money Mind | Mortgage


Big changes are coming for home loans in Singapore. What do you need to know to save on your mortgage?

[Post 366] Buy Groceries With Others To Beat Inflation? How Group Buy Works: Bargain Hunters | On The Red Dot


Everything’s getting more expensive, but some have found a way to beat inflation. Banding together to buy in bulk gets better prices and helps defray delivery costs. This is the magic of group buy. From groceries and ready-to-eats to home fixtures, savings can be as much as 30% to thousands of dollars. Host Andrea Chong hunts down bargain hunters who rule the world of group buy.

Jazmine Ng regularly uses group buy to purchase groceries, snacks, and other household items, saving about 20-30% of her household expenses per month. Her group buy host, Kelly Sia, reveals her bargain hunting prowess. She manages two group buy groups while running her own home and managing her kids. But Candy Pan takes it to the next level. She manages several group buy groups that reach out to a network of 60,000 bargain hunters, tops it all. How does she do it and what is in it for her? 

Friday 10 May 2024

[Post 365] Where's Bitcoin’s Price Headed After Halving In 2024? | Money Mind | Bitcoin


Bitcoin is halving for the 4th time. In previous cycles, there was a brief price correction following a halving event and then prices surged again. But there is something different this time. 

Saturday 4 May 2024

[Post 364] Advancing At Work: How A Personal Brand Helps | Money Mind | Career


What are the skills that young adults need, in order to stay competitive in the ever-changing world of work? Careers coach Chee Sze-Yen shares ways to stand out at work. Joining her at this special Money Mind adulting townhall are financial planner Christopher Tan and property expert David Baey. 

Friday 3 May 2024

[Post 363] Scammed In China: How Trojan Horses Launch Malware Attacks On Our Devices | Cyber Scammed - Part 1/3


In China, cyber attackers are taking advantage of the ubiquity of instant messaging platforms such as WeChat to launch trojan horses. The baits are disguised as all sorts of innocuous documents and links, such as free software, free games, or even celebrity gossip. Once the user clicks on the bait and the malware has been installed, the hacker can gain control of the device remotely. From there, they are free to perform a host of unauthorised actions – from observing one’s social interactions on various platforms for social engineering, to impersonating the victim or their bosses for monetary gain.  

Thursday 2 May 2024

[Post 362] Your First Property: What Not To Do In Singapore's Property Market | Money Mind | Property


Buying a home is the biggest financial decision most of us will have to make. So what are the dos and don'ts for first-timers in Singapore's property market? In this special edition of Money Mind, young adults share their pain points in the road to home ownership. Helping make sense of it all are financial planner Christopher Tan, property expert David Baey, and careers coach Chee Sze-Yen. 

Wednesday 1 May 2024

[Post 361] Building Wealth: How To Construct A Core Portfolio | Money Mind | Wealth


Being an adult with your money is hard. So how can we make adulting easier by making better financial choices? In this special edition of Money Mind, young adults look for the answers to these questions and more. Helping make sense of it all are financial planner Christopher Tan, property expert David Baey, and careers coach Chee Sze-Yen.