Friday 27 October 2023

[Post 291] High costs of living in Seoul make Koreans grind themselves down to the soul | Undercover Korea


Over 20% of Korea's population is located in Seoul. Many people are coming to Seoul for the Seoul Dream, like the American Dream in 1960's. But the costs of living are so high to settle in Seoul.

Thursday 26 October 2023

[Post 290] How To Steal And Lose More Than $3 Billion In Bitcoin | CNBC Documentary


Twenty two year-old hacker Jimmy Zhong said he never meant to become a criminal billionaire. But that’s what happened in 2012 after he found a way to steal bitcoin from the Silk Road – a dark web exchange then known for some of the most unsavory trade on the internet – drugs, guns and porn. Over the next decade, the coins Zhong stole rocketed in value, ultimately reaching an eye-watering $3.36 billion.

Photos show Zhong on yachts, in front of airplanes, and at big time football games over the decade he confounded law enforcement officers trying to solve the theft. He even bought a weekend lake house to use as a party pad, and decorated it with a giant Trump flag and a stripper pole. But then, Zhong made a phone call that ruined his life.

In this documentary, CNBC’s Eamon Javers speaks exclusively with the IRS-CI, the agency that investigated this billion dollar crime as well as the people who knew Zhong during the decade he evaded law enforcement. Javers’ reporting also uncovers a long, digital trail that leads back to the earliest days of bitcoin and reveals a dark truth about the world of hackers and coders responsible for the creation of bitcoin.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

[Post 289] Can Investing In Dividends Pay For Your Retirement? | Money Mind | Investment


Can you live off dividends in retirement? We look at the pros and cons. 

[Post 288] How To Use A CDP Account To Kickstart Your Investment Journey | Money Mind | Investing


Young investors looking to kick off their investment journey have many options to choose from on the Singapore stock market. So what do they need to start buying stocks and other securities? And why is having an account with the Central Depository a good starting point?

Tuesday 24 October 2023

[Post 287] Who Are The People Behind Malware Scams? - Part 2/2 | Talking Point | Full Episode


After investigating how malware scams affect victims, host Steven Chia heads to Vietnam to find out who is behind these scams and how easy it is to create malware. He meets a notorious ex-hacker who digs further into an app embedded with malware that was making its rounds in Singapore. He also finds out how sophisticated scams are going to get, and what we can do to protect ourselves. 

[Post 286] How Do Scammers Take Over Your Phone And Steal Your Money? - Part 1/2 | Talking Point | Full Episode


Ever scroll through your social media and come across an advertisement for food or cleaning service? But an innocent ad could turn insidious when the seller asks you to download an app to place an order or booking. Since the start of this year, some 750 people have lost a combined total of over S$10 million to malware app scams. In this episode, host Steven Chia investigates how these scams work and attempts to bait a scammer himself.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

[Post 284] No More Revenge Spending: How China's Gen Z Is Changing How They Shop | Money Mind | China Economy


2023 was meant to herald the return of the Chinese big spender. But the revenge spending hasn’t exactly panned out as expected. Instead, new consumption patterns are emerging in China’s post-COVID era. 

Sunday 8 October 2023

[Post 283] The Collapse Of FTX: Insiders Tell All | CNBC Documentary


Former billionaire, Sam Bankman-Fried, saw a meteoric rise as crypto's golden boy and an even more spectacular fall from grace as his $32 billion cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, collapsed in a matter of days. FTX customers and investors around the world watched in shock as a single tweet ignited a series of events that ended with the former crypto titan facing a dozen federal charges and waiting for trial behind bars. FTX customers, investors and employees were devastated to learn that $8.9 billion dollars in customer’s funds went missing from the exchange.

In this documentary, CNBC’s Kate Rooney speaks to the people most impacted by the fall of Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire. The in-depth documentary includes a candid interview with former President of FTX US who reveals what it was like to work directly for Bankman-Fried and what red flags concerned him most about the company.  FTX investor, Anthony Scaramucci, tells all about his front-row seat to the collapse and what it was like to visit SBF while his empire was crumbling around him.

Rooney’s reporting also uncovers first-hand accounts from FTX customers who share the impact of their catastrophic losses, and pull no punches when discussing what lured them into SBF’s house of cards. And far beyond SBF’s rise and fall, the documentary explores the battle that lies ahead over the missing billions, and whether customers will ever get any of their money back

Friday 6 October 2023

[Post 282] How China Is Buying Malaysia's Largest Companies


Did you know that China is making big moves in Malaysia, buying up companies and investing in their future together?

Tuesday 3 October 2023

[Post 281] “Lazy” millennials demanding work-life balance | 60 Minutes Australia


Anyone aged from their mid-20s to early-40s is considered a millennial. While the group is now the largest generation in Australia, it’s also the most heavily criticised. The flak comes mainly from older generations who are quick to complain that millennials are lazy and entitled, especially in the workplace.

Most of them probably couldn’t care less, but as Tom Steinfort reports, many of the millennials’ bosses are not sure how to handle their increasing demands for greater flexibility so they can have the freedom to enjoy acting their age.