Friday 4 June 2021

[Post 122] Zero dollar project :carousell,Bitcoin Faucets,Short Link,Online survey update

Another school semester has come and gone,and is finally time to resume blogging!

Updates for zero dollar project(December 2020-June 2021)

2.Bitcoin faucets
3.Short link
4.Online survey



Did not keep track due to studies,assume NIL

2.Bitcoin faucets

unfortunately,coinpot has close down and so all of the related crpyto in my account is gone,oh well,hahaha

3.Short link

Total earning for short link :$5.18

4.Online survey

Current online survey on my list...(Bold mean that these survey websites have been verified for payout)

4.1 Toluna
4.3 YouGov
4.4 mobrog
4.5 ipanelonline
4.6 viewfruit
4.7 millleu(App on google play store)

Total earning for short link :$25.00+ 6.25+6.25+6.25=$43.75

Total earnings for latest update of zero dollar project:$5.18 +$43.75=$48.93 

been a busy semester ,hence the amount is quite low, but then again this zero dollar project is done to prove that you can earn money from the internet with just a mobile or laptop

Thanks for reading!