Saturday 30 September 2023

[Post 305] Fractional Property Investment: You Can Now Buy A Part Of A Property. But Should You? | Money Mind


Fractional investing is a new way to get a share in luxury property, without needing millions in the bank. How does it work – and is there a downside?  

Friday 29 September 2023

[Post 304] How Chinese Demand For Fish Maw (Swim Bladder) Fuels A $52 Million Industry In Uganda


Fish maw — the swim bladder of a fish — is one of the most expensive dried-seafood products in the world. A Chinese delicacy, it can fetch $450 to $1,000 per kilogram. It’s often viewed as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and it's given out as gifts at important events and stockpiled as a speculative investment. It’s one of the “four treasures” of Cantonese cuisine, along with abalone, sea cucumber, and shark fin. But the main reason fish maw is so desired is its supposed medical value. 

Because of its high levels of collagen and fiber, it's believed to promote healthy skin, boost the immune system, and aid digestion. Fish maw is also often recommended in China for postpartum recovery and to reduce post-surgery pain. But because of overfishing in East Asia, China now imports the majority of its bladders from other countries, like Uganda. In Uganda, fishers compete for Nile perch in Lake Victoria and ship them to China for extremely high prices.

[Post 305] Tourism in times of climate change | DW Documentary


Extreme weather is affecting the whole world - and climate change certainly doesn’t stop at popular vacation destinations. Where is tourism accelerating climate change? And where could tourism provide an opportunity?

Until the flood disaster in 2021, the Ahr Valley was seen as a dream destination for wellness and wine tourists. Today, the devastation in the Ahr Valley is symbolic of the extreme weather events that could be hitting Germany more frequently due to climate change. How can the Ahr Valley attract visitors again after its infrastructure and gastronomy were swept away?  A catastrophe like the flood in 2021 cannot be allowed to recur. Reconstruction of the region aims to make the Ahr Valley a model region for low-impact, sustainable tourism.

In Mallorca, it may already be too late for sustainable tourism. Recent decades have seen the island overrun by mass tourism. The consequences are especially visible in the wake of climate change: extreme drought and water shortages are putting a strain on the Balearic island, where resources are already scarce. Tourism accounts for over a quarter of total water consumption.

Barely any other place on earth has seen the consequences of climate change as clearly as Greenland. Yet some of the island's inhabitants also see opportunities in global warming: melting glaciers are clearing the way for the mining of rare earths and other valuable raw materials. The problem is that mining harms the environment and the people. Can tourism offer a more climate-friendly alternative to boost the economy?

[Post 303] Why Singapore is investing so much in Vietnam


Vietnam attracts significant foreign investment, with Singapore emerging as a major investor. Historical ties, industrial parks, acquisitions, and robust trade are driving this trend, impacting Vietnam's economy positively. Singapore may soon become the leading investor, boosting economic growth in Southeast Asia.

Thursday 28 September 2023

[Post 302] Why the baby business is booming

[Post 301] How Car Makers Are Switching To EVs | CNBC Marathon


CNBC Marathon explores how Tesla, Rivian and Dodge’s new electric vehicles are transforming the automotive industry.

Over the past decade, Dodge has dug deep into its performance car heritage and become a brand known for brash American muscle cars with supercharged V-8 engines and ridiculous amounts of horsepower. But tightening regulations, rising fuel prices and the rise of the SUV are putting the squeeze on Dodge's so-called “brotherhood of muscle.” It recently debuted the Charger Daytona SRT EV, an electric car that looks a lot like its popular supercharged Challenger and Charger. Will Dodge fans or EV buyers want it?

Five years after Elon Musk first announced the Tesla Semi, it’s finally hitting roads. CNBC visited Pepsi’s Frito-Lay facility in Modesto, California, where it is using the new electric trucks, to see whether the Semis live up to the hype.

A new electric vehicle company hopes to take on Tesla with its outdoor adventure trucks and SUVs. And its deal with Amazon to build 100,000 electric delivery vans could help it succeed. Founded in 2009, Rivian is focusing on upscale electric trucks and SUVs with an emphasis on outdoor adventure. CNBC's John Rosevear calls them the "Patagonia of electric vehicles." Last month, Rivian and Amazon rolled out the first of the electric vans. They are starting to deliver packages in a handful of cities, including Seattle, Baltimore, Chicago and Phoenix.

After manufacturing's 40-year cycle of decline in the U.S., officials in Washington are trying to bring it back. This move could be a boom or bust for huge swaths of the American Midwest. This region once dominated the auto industry before rising global trade and automation sent domestic manufacturing employment into a tailspin. U.S. leaders hope that new laws such as the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will help businesses create the green manufacturing jobs of the future.

Wednesday 27 September 2023

[Post 300] How Consumers Can Manifest Inflation


What people believe may happen to prices in the future can influence actual inflation. “People behave in accordance with their expectations and with their sentiment and attitudes towards the economy,” Joanne Hsu, director of the Surveys of Consumers at the University of Michigan, told CNBC. Watch the video above to learn more about how inflation expectations are measured, why the Federal Reserve cares so much about what Americans predict and how consumer behavior can manifest higher prices.

[Post 299] I Bought An Abandoned House For $16,500 — And Completely Transformed It | Unlocked


Betsy Sweeny, 30, bought a dilapidated 3-bedroom Victorian house for $16,500 in Wheeling, West Virginia in 2020. Then she secured a $100,000 construction loan and got straight to work.

Unlocked is a home tour series focused on how much people across the globe spend on their housing, what they get for the money and what they had to sacrifice to make it happen.

Monday 25 September 2023

[Post 295] Living From Paycheque To Paycheque Every Month: Meet The Moonlight Clan | Money Mind | Adulting


Meet the Moonlight Clan – Gen Zs in the Chinese-speaking world, who spend everything that they earn every month. Can they break this cycle – and do they want to? 

Sunday 24 September 2023

[Post 294] Where You Should Stash Your Cash In Case Of A Financial Emergency | Money Mind | Personal Finance


Life is full of surprises. And when the unexpected happens, you can cope better with an emergency fund. Money Mind finds out how to grow your fund and keep the money accessible. 

[Post 293] Why The U.S. Won’t Pay Down Its Debt


The U.S. national debt is nearly $33 trillion as of early September 2023. Every year since 2001, the U.S. government has spent more money than it takes in, which means it has to borrow money to make up for the difference. The national debt is frequently discussed as a danger to future generations, but some economists say there’s no reason to get the national debt down to zero. One reason for that is without the debt, there would be no federal government securities, such as Treasury bonds, which provide investors a safe place to park their money while accruing interest. Most economist warn, however, that there’s a balancing act when it comes to the national debt. Watch the video above to learn more about why the U.S. can’t get a handle on the national debt and whether it even has to.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

[Post 286] I Became Dad's Caregiver At 29: My Top Tips On Dealing With Dementia


At 29, Daniel Lim became his family’s sole breadwinner when his dad, Peter, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease while his mum was receiving treatment for breast cancer. Back in 2009, caregiving resources were scarce, and Daniel had to deal with financial woes, loneliness and caregiver’s burnout.

14 years on, Daniel has created a support system that taps on his neighbours, friends and even the neighbourhood barber to help with caregiving responsibilities. He also co-founded Enable Asia, a support group for fellow caregivers.

In this video, Daniel shares the lessons he learnt in 15 years of caregiving and tips on how to make it work. 

Sunday 17 September 2023

[Post 282] 29 years old and already $200,000 in debt... Either get rich or have no future | Undercover Korea


A lot of Korean 20-somethings are already heavily in debt in their 20s and 30s. They can't buy a house on their income anyway, so they're trying to hit the jackpot in stocks. They don't even realize they're addicted.