Monday 26 February 2024

[Post 329] #Adulting: We Want To Move Abroad But Can't Leave This Family Member Behind | Money Mind | Migration


A young Singapore couple is eyeing a dream move for a change of lifestyle. But there's an unexpected roadblock. Do they have a plan B?

Wednesday 21 February 2024

[Post 328] How to financially survive a retrenchment | Money Talks podcast


The shock of losing a job without any warning is usually followed by anxiety over the loss of regular income. What are your options if you are retrenched and how do you stretch your savings while waiting for the next job? 

Sim Yong Han, senior financial consultant of Trust Advisors Group at SG Alliance, provides some practical tips.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

[Post 327] Are these HDB coffee shop budget meals worth the price? | Singapore Explained


The government recently launched BudgetMealGoWhere, a platform that aims to help people easily locate HDB coffee shops that offer budget meals. But what exactly do you get for these low prices?

Sunday 4 February 2024

[Post 326] What To Do With All The Empty Offices In U.S. Cities | CNBC Marathon


Now that the remote and hybrid work revolution has begun, many cities are filled with empty or half empty offices, creating very quiet downtowns. At the same time, the U.S. is experiencing a housing crisis. CNBC Marathon explores if U.S. cities will convert offices into apartments.

Some U.S. mayors are loosening up rules that determine how developers convert office buildings into apartment complexes. The conversion trend sped up in the 2020s, as the pandemic remote work boom reshaped cities. Declines in office activity are straining tax revenues for city services like education and transit, leading some local leaders to prioritize increased conversion of dated buildings. These rule changes may create some additional housing supply in regions like the U.S. east coast.

Meanwhile, San Francisco is facing its highest office vacancy rates in nearly 30 years. At the same time, the city is facing a housing crisis with the state demanding 82,000 new units of housing to be built by 2031. CNBC sits down with San Francisco Mayor London Breed to discuss how the city could tackle two of its biggest issues head-on. Plus, CNBC visits a building in the Civic Center neighborhood that undertook the biggest office-to-residential conversion in the city to date.

Major American cities such as New York and San Francisco face serious problems — mass migration, empty offices and declining tax revenues. These trends have had a direct impact on cities, which rely on tax revenues for funding, a significant portion from commercial real estate. Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh has defined this cycle of spillover effects as the ‘urban doom loop.’

Friday 2 February 2024

[Post 325] Never too old: The 93-year-old cardiologist who still works 6 days a week


He's 93 and still works 6 days a week. Meet Dr Charles Toh Chai Soon, the cardiologist who won't give up on his love for medicine. 

[Post 324] Are REITs still a good bet in 2024? | Money Talks podcast


2023 was a challenging year for real estate investment trusts or REITs with rising interest rates. But how exactly do they work, and should you include REITs in your portfolio in the year of the dragon? Executive chairman of GCP Global Gabriel Yap gives Andrea Heng a crash course on this episode.

[Post 323] Homeowners in Singapore turning to renovation apps to save on costs


Renovation apps are gaining traction in Singapore, after struggling to get a foothold in the industry three years ago. Homeowners are using them to cut some middlemen's fees and save on renovation costs, which have climbed about 20%. For example, web app Homeez said it's seeing at least 200 new users every week. Homeowners can select a pre-loaded floor plan, decide their tiles and paints, and contact those suppliers directly or hire a project manager. As labour and material costs rise, industry players said renovation works may get more expensive this year. Rebecca Metteo reports.

Thursday 1 February 2024

[Post 322] Reinventing Myself At 55: From Commando To Interior Designer To Miniature Artist | I Taught Myself


Meet Wilfred, a former interior designer turned miniature artist. He had built his interior design career after spending 9 years in the military. Then at 55, he made the bold choice to become a full-time artist, making intricate miniatures of old Singapore scenes from recycled materials. Since then, his work has caught the attention of clients big and small. His story is a testament to resilience, creativity and never giving up.