Saturday 11 May 2024

[Post 366] Buy Groceries With Others To Beat Inflation? How Group Buy Works: Bargain Hunters | On The Red Dot


Everything’s getting more expensive, but some have found a way to beat inflation. Banding together to buy in bulk gets better prices and helps defray delivery costs. This is the magic of group buy. From groceries and ready-to-eats to home fixtures, savings can be as much as 30% to thousands of dollars. Host Andrea Chong hunts down bargain hunters who rule the world of group buy.

Jazmine Ng regularly uses group buy to purchase groceries, snacks, and other household items, saving about 20-30% of her household expenses per month. Her group buy host, Kelly Sia, reveals her bargain hunting prowess. She manages two group buy groups while running her own home and managing her kids. But Candy Pan takes it to the next level. She manages several group buy groups that reach out to a network of 60,000 bargain hunters, tops it all. How does she do it and what is in it for her? 

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