Wednesday 15 May 2024

[Post 523] How To Hack Earning Airline Miles & Travel Business Class For Free: Bargain Hunters | On The Red Dot


One couple gets business class tickets for free. One executive gets free eats all the time. Another shopper regularly pays almost half price for her buys. Their secret? Earning redeemable points as they spend. From maximising credit card points to accumulating membership cards, coins and vouchers online, these bargain hunters will show you how to can travel, dine and shop for cheap or even for free.

Wenny Yee, a 28 year old nutritionist, is big on loyalty programmes. She earns points each time she orders food at her favourite joints. It saves her up to $80 dollars a month. Alison Lim often shares her best bargains and buys on an online community platform, Daiso and Lobang Lovers. She saves almost 40% from all her online purchases. How does she do it? Marilyn Chew and Low Jian Sheng travel up to seven months a year using the miles earned through credit card spendings to redeem some of their most lucrative travel expenses. 

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