Saturday 30 September 2023

[Post 280] Fractional Property Investment: You Can Now Buy A Part Of A Property. But Should You? | Money Mind


Fractional investing is a new way to get a share in luxury property, without needing millions in the bank. How does it work – and is there a downside?  

Monday 25 September 2023

[Post 279] Living From Paycheque To Paycheque Every Month: Meet The Moonlight Clan | Money Mind | Adulting


Meet the Moonlight Clan – Gen Zs in the Chinese-speaking world, who spend everything that they earn every month. Can they break this cycle – and do they want to? 

Sunday 24 September 2023

[Post 278] Where You Should Stash Your Cash In Case Of A Financial Emergency | Money Mind | Personal Finance


Life is full of surprises. And when the unexpected happens, you can cope better with an emergency fund. Money Mind finds out how to grow your fund and keep the money accessible. 

[Post 277] Why The U.S. Won’t Pay Down Its Debt


The U.S. national debt is nearly $33 trillion as of early September 2023. Every year since 2001, the U.S. government has spent more money than it takes in, which means it has to borrow money to make up for the difference. The national debt is frequently discussed as a danger to future generations, but some economists say there’s no reason to get the national debt down to zero. One reason for that is without the debt, there would be no federal government securities, such as Treasury bonds, which provide investors a safe place to park their money while accruing interest. Most economist warn, however, that there’s a balancing act when it comes to the national debt. Watch the video above to learn more about why the U.S. can’t get a handle on the national debt and whether it even has to.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

[Post 275] I Became Dad's Caregiver At 29: My Top Tips On Dealing With Dementia


At 29, Daniel Lim became his family’s sole breadwinner when his dad, Peter, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease while his mum was receiving treatment for breast cancer. Back in 2009, caregiving resources were scarce, and Daniel had to deal with financial woes, loneliness and caregiver’s burnout.

14 years on, Daniel has created a support system that taps on his neighbours, friends and even the neighbourhood barber to help with caregiving responsibilities. He also co-founded Enable Asia, a support group for fellow caregivers.

In this video, Daniel shares the lessons he learnt in 15 years of caregiving and tips on how to make it work. 

Sunday 17 September 2023

[Post 274] 29 years old and already $200,000 in debt... Either get rich or have no future | Undercover Korea


A lot of Korean 20-somethings are already heavily in debt in their 20s and 30s. They can't buy a house on their income anyway, so they're trying to hit the jackpot in stocks. They don't even realize they're addicted.