Sunday, 10 December 2017

(Post 3/Week 2)Oh no,I didn't invest in bitcoin!

Presenting the number 1 favorite topic in the market currently...


FEW things to know about bitcoin

1. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency(well done, Sherlock!)

2. One bitcoin worth has been steadily increasing in its value

3. There is a limited number of bitcoin that can be mine, this means that it is finite

I am not an expert investor but from the amateur(more like newbie)point of view, Bitcoin deserve to be invested just from the reasons given above,this is because...

1. Bitcoin has been steadily increasing in its value

With more people jumping in on the wagon, perhaps the price will increase?

2. Bitcoin has a finite supply

Anything that has a finite supply(or at least I think), will increase in price

To me even though it seems like an okay investment opportunity, I have decided to not go into it, at least in the near future...(irony, isn't it?)

Here are some of the reasons...

1. I do not have the necessary capital to invest in bitcoin(buying bitcoin, transactions fee etc)

2. I have decided from the start that I will only be using only part of my saving which is about 10k(read here) to invest. To me having values and ground rules set beforehand is the most important.

3. My capital has already been set to be invested in various ways...

4. Perhaps, just perhaps, the bitcoin hype could be another bubble

In my opinion, It's probably too late to jump on the bandwagon of bitcoin(unless you are rich),it would be wiser to scout for the next bandwagon to score instead(which require lots of experience that I do not have)

But perhaps, this bandwagon has just started its engine only

Who knows?

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