Saturday, 20 July 2019

(Post 120/Year 2 Week 36)TipforThought: How to identify sign of dehydration and prevent dehydration

How to identify sign of dehydration

With global warming gradually increasing the earth temperature and making this planet hotter then before,we tend to get more prone to dehydration,hence we should know what are the sign to prevent dehydration.After All,prevention is better then cure isn't it?
Here are some sign of dehydration

1.Urine That Is Dark

Urine that are lighter in color such as e.g white mean that you quite hydrated,however if the urine is more darker in colour ,it probably mean that you are less hydrated.

2.Dry Lips and Tiredness

Pretty sure it's time for you to get a drink after that long work,by the way do you know that dehydration reduce concentration and cause headaches too?
Do you also know dehydration may cause heart diseases? Do check out part 2 on how to prevent dehydration:)

How to prevent dehydration

Previously,we talk about the different ways to identify sign of dehydration.In this post,we are going to list out some ways to prevent dehydration

1.Bring along a FILL water bottle with you whenever you go 

By bringing a FILL water bottle with
 you whenever ever you go FILL with plain water of course,not only you live healthier by drinking plain water it is also healthier for your wallet as you do not need to whip out your wallet to get a drink anytime you want to quench that thirst 

2.FILL a big bottle of water and put it beside you as you do work 

It is pretty easy to forget quenching that thirst when you are pretty engross in your work or just can't be bothered to that short trip to kitchen to get that cup of water.With a big bottle of water beside,quenching that thirst is as easy as 123 

3.Drink plenty of water during exercising 

During exercising,this would result in excessive loss of water when sweating,hence it is very important to drink lots of water before,during and after exercising 

4.Eat fruit and vegetables that contain water 

Eating fruit and vegetables that contains water not only give us hre necessary vitamin that keep us healthy but also hydrated hence killing two bird with one stone 

Always remember to keep yourself hydrated!