Sunday 11 February 2018

(Post 8/Week 10)zero dollar business:cryptocurrency and gumtree

Hi all, this past few weeks have been busy for me(that's procrastination in the works)


Sold off some book(diary of the wimpy kid)on carousell this week and last, which is pretty good news.

And also...

Recently, I have just started creating an account on funding societies(a p2p lending platform) but that's a story for another day(or perhaps another week?)

Note: I am not affiliated to any of the companies mention above

As per my last post to sell more item, I have started on selling some of the items on gumtree, as you can see here.

I would probably deal with the seller using the same way as I did in carousell. Also by linking my email to both gumtree and carousell, I would only need to check my email for any notifications from both apps. Hence, reducing the hassle of checking both apps to for any  notification

For now, I will probably take a backseat to this and do some spring cleaning for CNY to dig out more treasures to sell, haha

On to cryptocurrency:)

Our chosen platform for bitcoin faucets is seem to have changed their default wallet to coinpot from Xapo, so I probably have to set up an account with coinpot first

Coinpot seems to have quite a nice interface...

After setting up with coinpot, its back to to sign up finally! Simply type in the email address you use to register with the coinpot and you will be logged in to!

You have to wait minimally 5 min between each claim, or you can just wait until the end of each day before collecting it in one shot

Note*(very important): Do bear in mind to log in once per day to claim!

Anyway this week has been a pretty rollercoaster week what's with Dow jones dropping 600+ point in a day which is the most drop it ever have in a day in the history,this may be a sign of the start of economic downturn which will once again remind us of the importance on having the extra passive income or savings to tide thorough this difficult time

By the way, I will try to update at least once to twice per month, due to other commitment(Yes, my others zero dollars project) which will all be revealed in due time, cheers!

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One more thing, whatever happened after clicking here is my next post topic(hint hint)

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