Friday 9 November 2018

(Post 57/week 45)Learning trading/investing together part 6:RSS (Regular shares savings)

Regular Shares Savings(RSS)

Previously, I have written about my choice for choosing POSB invest saver plan here

What is RSS? 

  • RSS plan offers investors an affordable and convenient way of investment by committing a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis for a preferred share, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of dollar cost averaging

What is dollar-cost averaging?

  • When the share price is higher, we would buy fewer shares with the fixed dollar amount
  • When the share price is lower.we would buy more shares with the same amount
  • This means we automatically buy less at market highs and buy more at market lows
  • Over time, the price we paid for our portfolio of shares would be averaged out
Benefits of RSS 


  • RSS allows us to buy into selected shares by investing an affordable and regular amount per month, from as little as $100 

2. Dollar cost averaging
  • RSS removes the need to time the market and trying to figure out when is the lowest point to buy

  • RSS generally has a lower cost of transaction with no lock-in period

Who provides RSS?

RSS is offered by DBS group, Maybank Kim Eng, OCBC Bank, and phillip securities

This useful chart from seedly show the different regular saving plans in Singapore

POSB invest saver however only allow you to have a choice between STI ETF(G3B) and ABF  Singapore bond fund index, unlike the other regular saving plan that allows you to choose other shares

As for me, I see the regular saving plan as a form of (dollar cost averaging)savings and defensive measure to ensure that my money continues to grow in an "average result" besides doing trading, saving and whatnots.

So, after giving an introduction to the various forms of investment, next week, I am going to talk about the different brokerages before moving on to some trading strategies that I currently employed or employed, stay tuned to that! 

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