Monday 10 December 2018

(Post 65/week 51)Zero dollar project updates:carousell,Bitcoin Faucets,Short Link,Online survey and Adsense update

Updates for last week week of zero dollar project
2.Bitcoin faucets
3.Short link
4.Online survey
5.Adsense update



Been doing some heavy marketing everywhere, gumtree, facebook, you name it...

Total earnings for carousell last week:$3.50 + $1=$4.50

2.Bitcoin faucets

Current coinpot holding

Bitcoin core: 5896 Satoshi
Bitcoin cash: 10646 bch
Dogecoin: 62.45 doge
Litecoin:  0.00207161 ltc
Dashcoin: 0.00063188 dash

3.Short link

Last x week


Total earning for short link last x week:$0.30

For more information on how's I use both short link on my blog and YouTube, read here

4.Online survey

Current online survey on my list...(Bold mean that these survey websites have been verified for payout)

4.1 Toluna
4.3 YouGov
4.4 mobrog
4.5 ipanelonline
4.6 viewfruit
4.7 mysurvey
4.8 millleu(App on google play store)

Survey that payout last week(only for nov):surveyon

The total payout for last week survey:$2.00


Last week earning for Adsense:$4.73

Total earnings for last week zero dollar project:$4.50 + $0.30+ +$2.00 + $4.73 =$11.53

That's all for the updates this week for my zero dollar project! stay tuned to my investment project updates for this week!


  1. hello! thanks for blogging about your income streams. i have been using toluna recently and some of the surveys are constantly filled up. just curious if you have been experiencing this too? many thanks here :)

    1. hi yes it is quite common as it tend to fill up quite fast,thanks for reading my blog!,do you know of any other survey?

  2. i have been trying paidviewpoint too but i have yet to reach the withdrawal point. you are also using surveyon right? i have been on it but surveys seem quite rare nowadays..