Tuesday 31 December 2019

[Post 101] Event and Convention part 3:AFA SG 2019(Anime Festival Asia)

Personally, I went to AFA (Anime Festival Asia) on a yearly basis except last year ,because nothing was of interest to me

Decided to go this year because of the great Anisong lineup on Fri(Fhana ,TRUE, Uchida Maaya, and Scandal) ,arrived at Suntec around 3pm (My first Anisong concert!)

Wanted to save the booking fee by purchasing on on-site ticket,but alias the booking fee was still included($103.00 ,very expensive!)

Below are some of the exhibition photo,for those who are veterans of AFA,the AFA exhibition is mostly the same year-on-year basis

Merchandise were pretty much all the famous anime e.g Kimetsu No Yaiba, sword online etc

(The crowd in the pictures below says it all,squeezy!!)

1)Greeted at the entrance by RX-78-2 Gundam

2)AKIBA stage

3)The queue at MUSE(anime merchandise store)

AFA merchandise are pretty marked up!(word of advice:buy anime merchandise outside of such convention unless its an item that is exclusive to AFA)

4)People try out new boku no hero(not pico,guys!) game

5)Back at AKIBA stage with DEAR KISS performing!(you would normally find me at hanging out at AKIBA stage most of the time!)

6) Spend the remaining of my time trying out the various trading card games to get free pack and card!(battle sprit and Yu-Gi-Oh)

Basically, people who go AFA can be divided into 4 categories:

1.The Anisong concert attendee

2.The first timer(those who want to experience AFA once)

3.The buying frenzy(never understand why they do that, most AFA anime merchandise are marked up!)

4.the stage goer and wota(The wotagei who know every anisong and fan chant ,and is always arm with lightstick)

The best part of the AKIBA stage is the DJ playing anisong,although if you're not familar with anisong,you'll still have a great time because of the crowd's enthusiasm

And what's AFA without some cosplay pics...


And finally, the most exiting part of the day ,the anisong concert!

No picture or video to be taken during the event(god knows why they had to set up those recording equipment 

The artiste lineup is as follows(Fhana, Uchida Maaya ,TRUE ,Scandal)

Brief description of Fhana (courtesy from Wikipedia): Fhana is a four member Japanese pop band that formed in 2012 as an indie band. .Fhána originally formed with Jun'ichi Satō, Yuxuki Waga, and Kevin Mitsunaga, all three of whom had previously been active in separate independent bands. Fhána did not have a fixed vocalist at first, instead employing guest vocalists to sing the band's songs.Towana later joined Fhána as the official vocalist

Some picture of Fhana from AFA facebok(mostly Towana)...

Fhana setlist as below

I was a bit disappointed that Fhana setlist did not include moon river and hello my world!

Aozora no rhapsody was of course the highlight(chu chu yeah!!),Boku no Mitsukete ,Niji no Ametara and Hoshizuku no interlude is one of my favorites from fhana too 

About 5 mins into the concert, i notice that the person left and right wasn't very enthu, and it did kinda pissed me off a little ,hahaha(i suppose most people came to see scandal only)

2 song i recommend from Fhana!

1.Boku no mitsukete

2. Moon river

TRUE is one of my favorite solo singers (she's also very pretty!)

TRUE setlist as below

Again, a slight disappointment that TRUE setlist did not include divine spell, which is my second most favorite song from her, it would have been a definite uplifting concert tune. 

The highlight for me was when she sang STEEL-Tekketsu no Kizuna-, which in my opinion is her best song

2 song i recommend from TRUE!

1.STEEL -Tekketsu no Kizuna-

2.Divine Spell

Uchida Mayaa is my favorite Voice actress(and no offense i think she is one of the most prettiest va around)

Mayaa setlist as below

A little surprised that she sang cosmos given that it wasn't any anime song,(but its my favourite song from her ,so no complain!:D) 

Karappo capsule was probably the period when i start to lose my voice due to all the shouting and it wasn't even Scandal yet!(hahaha)

Another slightly pissed off moment was when Mayaa segment was about to start and someone said "Mayaa who?"(hahaha)

2 song i recommend from Mayaa!

1. C.O.S.M.O.S

2.Youthful beautiful

And finally the highlight of the concert: Scandal!

Scandal setlist

The audience was pretty wild when they begin their segment with "masterpiece" which is not an anisong and latest single at that time. 

Most people know Scandal through their anisong in bleach, so it was really fun to hear them belting out old anisong favorite such as Shoujo S ,Harukaze and Shunkan Sentimental

Scandal also belt out a new song from their album "kiss from the darkness", A.M.D.K.J ,which apparently is the first time it is being play live(a good treat to the fans,i must say!)

2 Song i recommend from Scandal!


2.Yoake no Ryuuseigun

Would have love to go for JUNNA on Saturday but then it would be a waste of money as i do not listen to the other Saturday artist song though

Great respect for those who spend the money to watch only one segment performance!

All in all, AFA exhibition get only an okay for me as the exhibition is same old, same old. But the Anisong concert make the experience ten times better(and probably 10 times more expensive also!)

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