Tuesday 16 August 2022

[Post 156] 5 Youtube Channel To Watch Anime and Tokusatsu Legally For Free

Simply put subscribe to the following YouTube Channel As below 

1.Muse Asia

MUSE Communication Singapore was established in March 2019, and is a sister company to MUSE Communications (Taiwan).They own a variety of IP (Intellectual Property) for movies, anime, merchandising, production and distribution.We value our community and aim to deliver readily accessible entertainment to consumers across Asia & the rest of the world!

Here are some popular anime to get you started 

Spy x Family

One Punch Man 

2. Ani-One Asia

Ani-One, Anime for Everyone.Ani-One is a diversified Japanese animation content platform wholly-owned by Medialink Group.They have launched their YouTube Channel in October 2019 with daily upload of new episode,more content, more views and more subscribers will be lining up with Ani-One.

Here are some new/popular anime to get you started 

Black Summoner

The Yakuza Guide To Babysitting

3.Gundam Info

Welcome to the official GUNDAM.INFO YouTube channel.
Enjoy the world of Japan’s  famous and popular anime, “GUNDAM” through series titles, trailers, special contents and more!

For more information such as products, events, games and latest news, head to the official website!

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans

4.Ultraman Official By Tsuburaya

Here are some popular Ultraman Series

Ultraman Mebius

The latest series ,Ultraman Decker

5.Toei Tokusatsu World Official

This official Toei YouTube channel has a lineup of various shows, including “NATIONAL KID” (1960), Super Sentai Series such as “GORENGER”(1975), Metal Hero Series including “SPACE COP GAVAN”(1982), and robot anime such as “VOLTES V”(1977). (Please note that depending on the show, there may be viewing limitations in certain areas and countries.)

We will update daily to share TOEI’s TOKUSATSU with the world. At launch, we will have the first two episodes of all 70 shows available with English subtitles! Further episodes will be available in Japanese for now, but there could be frequent updates. We plan on making a public call for subtitles in any language.

Heisei Kamen Rider

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