Saturday 17 February 2018

(Post 9/Week 11)zero dollar business:Crytocurrency and bitcoin faucet

Happy Chinese New year to all!!

This week we are back with our zero dollar business tips

So far on the list, we have...

3.Bitcoin faucets

1.Carousell and Gumtree


There is nothing much to update this week(Yes, zero sales this week.....perhaps we should do more promotion on it soon)

2.Bitcoin faucets

The newest zero dollar project seems to be going well, for now, I am currently logging in about three times per day. Namely, morning, afternoon and evening to collect the satoshi payout

It's been only a few days but here is how much I have for now

It may seem little for now, but I believe with due diligence, I will be able to gather more Satoshi

Anyway, my knowledge on cryptocurrency is still an amateur and I believe there are a lot more thing that I have yet to learn or discover(More research to be done on this perhaps??)

3.Link shortener

*Warning: Short link will appear frequently from this point onwards, just like your ratatta in pokemon go! You have been warned!

So last week, I was hinting about link shortening towards the end of my post(albeit subtlety) and how to use it to make money

Link research

So question 1: What are link shorteners?

Basically, it is a website which turns a long link into a short one

E.g Long

And here is the short version:

Questions no2: How does link shorteners work?

Step 1: Visitor click on the shortened link

Step 2: Web page will be redirected to the ad

Step 3: After 5 second, the visitor can click to skip the ad and will be redirected to the webpage that they wanted to go initially

This picture below summarized how short link work:)

And now question no3: What are some of the paid link shorteners?

Some of the paid link shorteners are...

3.Link shrink

From the research link, it seems that the best payout is, which is also what I am currently using throughout this blog post to demonstrate short links

There are many ways that short link can be used to earn money like in the research link, the author earns money via linking it to the movie trailer

Quoting from him"When a visitor clicked a movie cover, a shortener displayed an ad and then the visitor was redirected to the desired page to see a movie trailer"

Another way could be linking it to other links or website(which is best demonstrated in this blog post)

All in all, the potential to make money using short link is only limited by your imagination

Once again, gong xi fat cai to all!!!

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Sunday 11 February 2018

(Post 8/Week 10)zero dollar business:cryptocurrency and gumtree

Hi all, this past few weeks have been busy for me(that's procrastination in the works)


Sold off some book(diary of the wimpy kid)on carousell this week and last, which is pretty good news.

And also...

Recently, I have just started creating an account on funding societies(a p2p lending platform) but that's a story for another day(or perhaps another week?)

Note: I am not affiliated to any of the companies mention above

As per my last post to sell more item, I have started on selling some of the items on gumtree, as you can see here.

I would probably deal with the seller using the same way as I did in carousell. Also by linking my email to both gumtree and carousell, I would only need to check my email for any notifications from both apps. Hence, reducing the hassle of checking both apps to for any  notification

For now, I will probably take a backseat to this and do some spring cleaning for CNY to dig out more treasures to sell, haha

On to cryptocurrency:)

Our chosen platform for bitcoin faucets is seem to have changed their default wallet to coinpot from Xapo, so I probably have to set up an account with coinpot first

Coinpot seems to have quite a nice interface...

After setting up with coinpot, its back to to sign up finally! Simply type in the email address you use to register with the coinpot and you will be logged in to!

You have to wait minimally 5 min between each claim, or you can just wait until the end of each day before collecting it in one shot

Note*(very important): Do bear in mind to log in once per day to claim!

Anyway this week has been a pretty rollercoaster week what's with Dow jones dropping 600+ point in a day which is the most drop it ever have in a day in the history,this may be a sign of the start of economic downturn which will once again remind us of the importance on having the extra passive income or savings to tide thorough this difficult time

By the way, I will try to update at least once to twice per month, due to other commitment(Yes, my others zero dollars project) which will all be revealed in due time, cheers!

Lastly, if you find that my above post is useful do like my facebook page: soniceric @here

One more thing, whatever happened after clicking here is my next post topic(hint hint)

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Sunday 21 January 2018

(Post 7/Week 7)zero dollar business:carousell and cryptocurrency

This week, we are back to my carousell side project


I have been running out of things to sell lately so the next question is...

What is the next step to go on from here?

Some of the options, I am considering...

A)Find more item to sell
B)Create more exposure on my items

For option A...

So far on carousell, I have been selling only my old book, perhaps it's time to branch out by selling other items?If so, what other type item can i sell on carousell which are popular?

Research link:

From the research link, we can gather which item sold best on carousell

2)Books(something which I have a lot and can attest to this)
4)laptop stickers

And item that doesn't sold on carousell

2)clothes(too many on carousell)

As for option B...

Creating more exposure on my item will allow me to clear my book even faster and also the space to store the book which will allow me to even bring in other item to sell

Research link:

From the research link, there are two other platform other than carousel I have identified that I could sell my items



Gumtree is one of the more popular website to post classified, you do not even need to post create an account to post on gumtree, however, all your listing will disappear after 90 days


Locanto is another popular website to post classified, however you need to create an account to post on locanto and the ad will disappear after one month or so

In my opinion,carousell still seem like a better platform to sell your second hand item compare to gumtree and locanto mainly because your listing will not get expire but no harm trying to get more exposure to your item right?

This is getting to be a really long post, anyway on to bitcoin faucets...

So last week, I touch on the subject of bitcoin faucets as a viable way to get satoshi(which is a very very small part of a bitcoin)

After doing some research from the link:

I decided that I would like to try out...(I am of course not affiliated to any of the faucets)


One of my friend is using it currently and learning from people is the easiest way to succeed

Moonbitcoin is a faucets that order 2 different payment options

The two payment option are listed below

Option 1:Xapo wallet
-Immediate payment to Xapo wallet
-Secure, online bitcoin wallet
-Xapo account automatically created if you don't already have one

Option 2: Direct payment
-Weekly payment (Saturday/Sunday) direct to your bitcoin wallet
-Payment threshhold of 10000 satoshi
-Use your existing bitcoin wallet or get a free wallet here

In short, Moonbitcoin allow you to claim every 5 min or claim it once a day and if you want to increase your claim there are some other factors such as Daily Loyalty Bonus
, Referral Bonus, Offer Bonus and
Mystery Bonus schemes!

Do join me next week as I continue to travel through the world of bitcoin faucets, cheers! :)

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Sunday 14 January 2018

(Post 6/Week 5 and 6):zero dollar business:carousell and cryptocurrency

First of, a big happy New year to all!!

I am back this week, after taking a short break last week from updating this blog


I have decided to do only meet up payment for now as I have heard of cases of seller/buyer on carousell do not play ball after receiving the item/money online

People may also not trust me enough to transfer the money via ibanking, hence the postal option is out. Instead, I decided to deliver the item personally but the buyer will have to pay a token fee of $5(it sound a lot but that's for my public transport fees, the time I take to travel and probably because Nsf pay is like a cockroach, haha)

For now, I will probably just update all of my listing descriptions and see how things go first...

Anyway on to cryptocurrency...

Last week, I was looking into earning bitcoin without any investment(yes, zero dollars)and I found something interesting


Bitcoin faucets!!

Research link

So what is bitcoin faucets?

From the research link above(Yes, its Wikipedia!), bitcoin faucets are a website that dispenses Satoshi(which are like a very very small part of bitcoin, a hundred of a millionth bitcoin to be precise)

How do you earn money from bitcoin faucets?

According to Wikipedia, to earn satoshi from these faucets you are required to complete a simple task such as catcha(that thingy that asks you to type in to confirm your password) or even playing a simple game such as bitcoin fidget spinner

Why are bitcoin faucets created?

Wikipedia state that bitcoin faucets have three purpose

1)To introduce a user to bitcoin
2)To get traffic
3)To make money

Honestly, let be frank here, people create bitcoin faucets probably want to make money out of it, which bring us to the next question...

How do they earn money from bitcoin faucets? (Do you expect them to give free money?)

According to Wikipedia, Bitcoin faucets make money via advertisements to pay for the cost of the coin that they are giving away on the bitcoin faucets and the hosting of the server, which is not a lot,hence to quote from wiki "Adding additional content to a website, or creating some kind of unique or interesting twist, is the only way to generate an income for a Bitcoin faucet"

Honestly, I have no idea what is the additional content or unique twist but do stay with me for next week as we venture into the world of cryptocurrency faucets.

Happy new year to all, once again! :)

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Wednesday 27 December 2017

(Post 5/Week 4)zero dollar business:carousell and cryptocurrency(Ocoins?) part 2

It's week 4 of sonicericsg and I am back with another update on carousell and my journey in researching cryptocurrency

Last week, I manage to sell off one of my old comics(it's a death note Chinese comic btw)

My carousell profile

As you can see in my carousell profile, its full of random stuff which is mostly book, most of it is given by my friends or brought by me at second-hand bookstores at bras basah(talking about bras basah, do you know you can also sell your second hand/used books over there?)

Anyway, coincidentally Sg investment lady was posting about how to save money this week and she touches on the topic about selling stuff carousell, I decided to ask her more about her experience selling stuff on carousell, here are some tips that she gave me

Tip 1: Take good photos but do not photoshop it too much

Tip 2: Place a slightly higher price for potential buyers to cut, giving them the feeling that they manage to save a few dollars

Tip 3: State the condition of the item and preferably be clear with the model, color, and sizes of the item

And lastly, since CNY is around the corner, she recommended that everyone should take the chance to do spring cleaning(I should probably do some spring cleaning on my own soon....)

Alright, let's move on to this week research in cryptocurrency:)

This week I decided to research the areas of different types of cryptocurrency...

Research link

Here are a few of the different types of cryptocurrency that I have research summarized


Has a faster block generation rate and a faster transaction rate


The second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin and is split into two ethereum(ETH) and ethereum classic(ETC)

3.Other cryptocurrencies


4.Other cryptocurrencies

There are over 800 cryptocurrencies.

Honestly, there is a lot of cryptocurrency out there that are probably less well known compared to bitcoin,ethereum which make it pretty mind-boggling. However, to catch/spot the next bandwagon, I probably need to research more about the different prices of cryptocurrency and they're worth first to judge which cryptocurrency to focus on.

By the way, Obike has announced that it is launching its own cryptocurrency call: Ocoins


From the article, it seems that not only Ocoins can be used to pay for the rides and topping up the obike wallet, it is also able to buy online content or any application the Tron platform

Some fact about Tron...

Tron is a blockchain platform that own tronix cryptocurrency which is ranked 18th worldwide with a market capacity of US$2.6 billion (S$3.5 billion) and is trading at US$0.04

And also...

Obike will reward its user with Ocoin for riding(this could be a zero dollar opportunity!)

I am definitely going to watch out for more Ocoin news and in the meantime its back to researching cryptocurrency

Stay tuned to the next week blog post!guys(and girls!)

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Wednesday 20 December 2017

(Post 4/Week 3)zero dollar business:Carousell and crytocurrency

Hi guys,this week I will talking about one of the zero dollar business(okay,business sound too flashy,erm..side income?):carousell

So how to carousell?(I am not affiliated to carousell in any ways,btw)

Step 1)Create an account on carousell

Step 2)Rammage your room for unwanted item

Step 3)take picture of the item

Step 4)Post picture on carousell

Simple isn't it?All you really need is things to sell and a working phone and off you go!

Often times,if you google for zero dollar business or how to make extra money chances are that you will encounter the suggestion of selling your unwanted stuff online.And...people reaction to it will be"hey,that's a good suggestion and went back to looking for other suggestion or doing other things"

What's really stopping people from doing things or making extra money is that one word

And the one word is....


People would always come up with a ton of reason like"I'm tired,I will do it tomorrow or I will do it later etc"

Of course,I am also one of them.we all are.But lately,I am working hard to fix that bad habit by having the mindset of "doing today,not tomorrow".

And starting with writing this blogpost/carouselling is the first step.

Anyway on to crytocurrency...

I have decided to finally enter the cryptocurrency battlefield.I know that I had say before that I am not about to jump into cryptocurrency(read here) but I decided to look up into it,at least...

And to do that I need to armed myself with some weapon and armour(in this case,knowledge) and hence this mean,researching time!Here is a compilation of my "research" result this week on crytocurrency wallet

1.Crytocurrency wallet

Research link

*Keynotes to takeaway from the redearch link above

1.Crytocurrencies on the blockchain are store in a "wallet",which are simply an address on the blockchain

2.Each wallet has a public address and a private address

Public address:The address that people send funds to

Private address:The "password" that you use to access and send your funds

Do not expose your private key until you are ready to spend your fund otherwise you wil probably lose all the money in your wallet!

3.Different types of wallet

Online wallet:The easiest and the least secure way to store your money.Not a good long term storage solution but it is fine for buying things and funding your trading account.Exchanges like coinbase also have their wallet built in.

Mobile wallet:Basically you download a mobile apps and store the bitcoin in it.It is more secure than online wallet but your phone may be prone to hacking and breaking

Desktop wallet:Similar to mobile wallet but on computers

Hardware device wallet:Hardware device(think of it as a thumb drive with solar panel on it's sides built especially for storing crytocurrency keys but can still be damage.

Paper wallet:It mean storing your private key on paper and the most    hacker proof e.g keeping it in a safety deposit box.Do use a waterproof paper(not sure about laminating it though)

Will continue to compile more of my research next week...(busy week coming up!)

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Sunday 10 December 2017

(Post 3/Week 2)Oh no,I didn't invest in bitcoin!

Presenting the number 1 favorite topic in the market currently...


FEW things to know about bitcoin

1. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency(well done, Sherlock!)

2. One bitcoin worth has been steadily increasing in its value

3. There is a limited number of bitcoin that can be mine, this means that it is finite

I am not an expert investor but from the amateur(more like newbie)point of view, Bitcoin deserve to be invested just from the reasons given above,this is because...

1. Bitcoin has been steadily increasing in its value

With more people jumping in on the wagon, perhaps the price will increase?

2. Bitcoin has a finite supply

Anything that has a finite supply(or at least I think), will increase in price

To me even though it seems like an okay investment opportunity, I have decided to not go into it, at least in the near future...(irony, isn't it?)

Here are some of the reasons...

1. I do not have the necessary capital to invest in bitcoin(buying bitcoin, transactions fee etc)

2. I have decided from the start that I will only be using only part of my saving which is about 10k(read here) to invest. To me having values and ground rules set beforehand is the most important.

3. My capital has already been set to be invested in various ways...

4. Perhaps, just perhaps, the bitcoin hype could be another bubble

In my opinion, It's probably too late to jump on the bandwagon of bitcoin(unless you are rich),it would be wiser to scout for the next bandwagon to score instead(which require lots of experience that I do not have)

But perhaps, this bandwagon has just started its engine only

Who knows?

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