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(Post 21/week 19)Investment project:My POSB invest saver journey so far...

5.POSB invest saver

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POSB invest saver has been a long time component in my portfolio,I bought the STI ETF(G3B) at the price of 2.90 around April 2016(see picture 1 below),it was pure luck at that time as I didn't know much about investing and wanted a saving plan but not with an insurance agent due to a bad experience with my father insurance saving plan payout hence post invest saver.However not long ago I sold my STI ETF(G3B) at 3.50(see picture 2) at April 2018 because I thought at that time that STI ETF(G3B) has reached it's peak 3.65 a few weeks before and was starting to drop

But however, the current price today(as of 1st may 2018)at 3.78(see picture 3 below) thought me something that is very important

(picture 1)

 (picture 2)

  (picture 3)

and that is the market index will always go up in the long run(only apply for a market index like ETF!, as an individual stock price may drop continuously)

Currently, I still hold ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund(A35)because it is still in the red, I bought it alongside with STI ETF(G3b) at NOV 2016 at its about 1.14(see picture 4 below) as of 30 April it is currently at the price of 1.12(see picture 5 below) and I have decided to continue to ride it out by buying it via the dollar cost averaging method at the current price

(picture 4)

(picture 5)

At that time, my mantra was starting investing young and early(I was 20 at that time) and nevertheless to say I think it turns out pretty good as I saw the money in my portfolio(STI ETF, G3B) increasing gradually and started to get more and more interested in the investing world.

I feel a little regret cashing out too early for STI ETF(G3B) but one must be content and satisfied with earning money no matter how small it is.Still, it is a very important lesson learned.

Currently, I am looking at adding even more ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund(A35) to my portfolio by investing in a large lump at once, about 5k maybe as it is currently at an attractive price of 1.12, the lowest in the whole history of A35 is 1.10. Also, DBS Vickers is currently having a promotion on its cash upfront account until 30 June

*Cash Upfront: 0.18% min SGD18
0.12%, min SGD10 plus get S$5 rebate for all online trades

That's all for this week, will continue to update more about my POSB invest saver next week!

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