Tuesday 25 July 2023

[Post 261] How We Live Without Money In Singapore: We Are Freegans | On The Red Dot | Full Episode


They do not shop, they do not buy, they have no use for money. But their pantries are full and they want for nothing. In fact, they sometimes have so much, they have to give things away. This is the life of a freegan and there is a community of them living right here in Singapore. 

Rozz is inducted into the community and learns how to live for free for a week. First is a dumpster diving session in which she discovers, to her surprise, that no dumpsters (or diving) is actually involved. Then Rozz gets invited to a series of members-only food rescues and learns that ugly does not mean inedible. They even teach her how to cook creatively with rescued food and feast for free. The week culminates in Giving Day, a one-stop bazaar where people take what they want, no money needed.

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