Wednesday 2 August 2023

[Post 265] Stuck With Low Pay, How Taiwan’s Young Graduates Cope With High Costs | Asia’s Stuck Generation


Millennials in Taiwan are facing a new reality — high cost of living, stagnating wages and tougher competition for well-paying jobs. Despite getting university degrees, many are not better off financially than their parents’ generation. Some are just surviving, with no savings at the end of each month.

Unlike their parents, who entered the workforce in the 1980s during the golden era of wage growth in post-war Taiwan, youths today face single-digit economic growth and slow wage increases, amid overall inflation and the rising cost of housing.

CNA Insider follows the lives of a few ‘trapped’ youths to see what they’re doing to cope - including working up to 4 jobs, or going overseas to work in F&B jobs.

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