Sunday 3 March 2024

[Post 331] "Let Me Postpone Having A Child": Why Young Couples Aren't Making Babies - Part 2 | Love Delayed


Love-wary actor Aaron Mossadeg explores why young people from Singapore and Asia delay marriage and parenthood. In Singapore and Hong Kong, he meets couples struggling with housing issues and limited space, learning its impact on family formation. Aaron examines if better gender equality in parenting might encourage more children. His quest leads him to Sweden, known for progressive parental leave policies, where he encounters a 'Latte Papa,' a symbol of modern fatherhood.

Reflecting on his own doubts about lifelong marriage, Aaron visits South Korea to explore the youth's growing preference for cohabitation over traditional wedlock. Finally, Aaron confronts misconceptions about fertility, testing his sperm and questioning the effectiveness of IVF as a last resort. Delays in childbearing may hinder the aspiration for larger families, but he finds hope in the supportive role of grandparents. Aaron merges personal and cultural insights on modern Asian family life.

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