Friday 15 July 2022

[Post 128] Living On $25K A Year In Greater Baltimore | Millennial Money

Summary:Jerone Gillespie, 23, earns $25,000 a year between driving for Uber and Lyft and working in a tax preparation office. When the pandemic hit, Gillespie stopped driving for Uber and Lyft to keep himself safe, and he relied solely on his tax job for income. He earns $14.50 an hour as the manager of the tax office.

Personal Takeaway:He earns about $25,000 USD (approximately SGD $35,146/year or SGD $2928.33/month) per year as a manager in a tax office ($14.50 USD/he) and does Uber and Lyft on the side. He used to sleep in his car and on his brother's couch, and he used to save money by eating only once or twice a day. He also took out a loan for about $20,000, with an annual interest rate of about 3.75 percent.His typical spending round up to about $1,282 USD (approximately SGD $1788.33),which inferred that his saving is around SGD $1140 and that it was used in stock and ETF.Seem pretty impressive to have such a high saving rate and is definitely a source of insipration for everyone else with median income

Tuesday 12 July 2022

[Post 127] Living On $32K A Year In Spokane, Washington | Millennial Money

Summary:Graham Zickefoose, 26, lives in Spokane, Washington and earns $32,000 a year as a graduate student at Eastern Washington University. Graham is pursuing a master's degree in urban and regional planning and is expected to graduate in the spring of 2023. He has a part time job as a city planning assistant at the city hall offices in Spokane. This is an installment of CNBC Make It's Millennial Money series, which profiles people across the globe and details how they earn, spend and save their money.

Personal Thoughts:Despite the fact that he was on scholarship, I think he did well in surviving on $32,000 (approximately SGD45,000) in scholarship stipend and work payment, among other things. Above is a screenshot of his budget, which is pretty low except for the food expenses, which are probably from paying for and going out on his date with his girlfriend, as mentioned in the video. He also does not have a credit card, only a debit card or a checking account, and he keeps track of his spending. Tithe refers to his monthly contributions to the church, which amount to about 10% of his total income.

Tuesday 5 July 2022

[Post 126] 5 Skillsfuture Course To Take For $500 and Below (Fixing Stuff)

Every Singaporean over the age of 25 will have at least $500 in their skillsfuture credit account by 2021. I was just looking through the skillsfuture website the other day to see which course I should spend my $500 credit on, so I decided to write a post to summarize the research (over 21,000 courses!!). So, here are some interesting courses to take for fixing stuff

(Disclaimer:I am not affliated to any of the training provider etc).

1.NSA - Handyman: Furniture & Fabric Fixes($190.00)

Course Objective:

1) To Provide basic understanding of furniture repair 2) To Demonstrate with participants hands-on Stain and Lacquering 3) To demonstrate with participants hands-on installation of locks 4) To demonstrate with participants hands-on install and adjust hinges 5) To demonstrate with participants hands-on repair of furniture surfaces 6) To demonstrate with participants hands-on hand sewing fabric and accessories

Course Content:

In this 7-hour course, participants will learn to fix common problems with their furniture and fabric. This course teaches basic quality fixes for strengthening unstable furniture, replacing knobs and handles, installing new cabinet and drawer locks, fixing and adjusting hinges, refurbishing furniture surfaces, etc. In the fabric repair, participants will learn basic skills to mend common types of fabric materials by learning basic skills in hand sewing, installing eyelets and other accessories, and other useful tools to mend bags, tents, attire, cushions, etc.

For more information,click here

2.NSA - Handyman: Home Electrical Repairs($190.00)

Course Objective:
1)To Provide basic understanding of LED lighting
2)To Demonstrate with participants hands-on Conversion To LED lights
3)To Demonstrate with participants hands-on lighting control
4)To Demonstrate with participants hands-on Wall Electrical Socket
5)To Demonstrate with participants hands-on Electrical Cabling
6)To Demonstrate with participants hands-on Ceiling Fans Servicing
7)To Demonstrate with participants hands-on AV System wiring & Digital TV Conversion from non-Digital systems

Course Content:
In this 7-hour course, participants will learn how to replace lighting systems like the conversion of regular lamps to LED lights. Participants will also learn to replace wall electrical outlets, run cabling, lamp fixtures, light switches, and fix ceiling fans. With these skills, participants can tackle most common home electrical repairs.

For more information,click here

3.NSA - Handyman: Plumbing, Drywall & Adhesives($190.00)

Course Objective:
1)To Provide basic tool usage training 2)To Demonstrate with participants hands-on Faucet Repair 3)To demonstrate with participants hands-on Drainage Systems 4)To demonstrate with participants hands-on Toilet Flushing System 5)To demonstrate with participants hands-on Hose System 6) To demonstrate with participants hands-on Drywall Fixtures 7) To demonstrate with participants hands-on Adhesives adjustment

Course Content:
In this 7-hour course, participants will learn to tackle various plumbing problems like changing and maintaining faucets, clearing drainage chokes, installing faucet attachments, plastic pipe installations, toilet flush systems etc. Participants will learn to install fixtures in dry walls and learn the applications of adhesives. Learning these skills, participants will be able to tackle common plumbing challenges, install drywall structures, and fix things with adhesives.

For more information,click here

4.NSA - Handyman: Home Repair Maintenance

Course Objective:
1)To Demonstrate with participants hands-on usage of the electrical drill on different materials 2)To demonstrate with participants hands-on Change of different types of door knobs and locks 3)To demonstrate with participants hands-on different types of hinges and their adjustments 4)To demonstrate with participants hands-on changing tiles. 5)To demonstrate with participants hands-on installation of fixtures and plugs 6)To demonstrate with participants hands-on patching of holes in concrete

Course Content:
In this 7-hour course, participants will experience the use of power drills in home repairs of different materials. They will learn how to drill through wood, tiles, metal, plastic and concrete. They will get to install fixtures and screws with wall plugs, replace tiles and patch concrete holes. Participants will also learn how to change various types of locks, install and adjust cabinet hinges. Learning these skills will allow you to make simple repairs at home without waiting for and having to pay servicemen.

For more information,click here

5.SCF Basic Bike Mechanics Course($500)

Course Objective:
Equip you with the basic bike mechanics and maintenance skills set by UCI trained trainers

Course Content(Summarise Version):
1) How to quick release skewers
2) Removing front and rear wheels
3) Repairing a puncture
4) Changing a tube and tires
5) Effective bike cleaning
6) Fixing drop chain
7) Removing and installing pedals
9) Gears adjustments
10) Basic bike fit
11) Routine checks and safety tips

Do note that this may be a little expensive.For more information,click here

Research for other Skillsfuture course are still under going,do expect another post soon!

Saturday 2 July 2022

[Post 125] 1 Day trip to Johor Bahru (Eat and Movie)

Two weeks ago, I took a day excursion with my family to JB to catch Top Gun: Maverick at the Mid Valley Southkey Mall. We were met by a lengthy line at the Malaysia custom side, stretching all the way to the back, and it took approximately an hour and a half of line time before we were able to get our passports stamped, in contrast to my previous trip, where there was not much of a line. By that point, it was already after two in the afternoon, and we were starving.

We chose to grab there as our destination that day was the Mid Valley Southkey mall. Unfortunately, no driver was available that wanted to pick us up. Instead, we used the cab counter at the CIQ, which is below the CIQ and next to the Malaysian bus interchange, to get there.

(Author's note: Just specify your destination at the cab counter to get a quote on the cost. You may be assure that the quoted fee is fair, and a cab driver waiting by the counter will direct you to your vehicle. We were given a quote for RM16 to the nearby Mid Valley Southkey Mall about 10 mins aways.It is a little expensive but we are taking from CIQ after all.)

After about 10 minutes, we arrive at Mid Valley Southkey Mall. A brief overview: It is the largest mall in JB and was completed three years ago in 2019. Additionally, it houses Sogo, a Japanese department store and it is modeled after Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur (KL)

We decided to go to B1's restaurant because we were hungry. But first, we had to buy our movie tickets. The GSH Cinama in the Mid Valley is located on the 4th floor and appears to be very impressive at first glance.Do note that  tickets could only be purchased through the machine, so there will be some waiting time. The ticket ๐ŸŽซ costs about RM23.50 (almost SGD8) per person.

Author's note: A weekend movie ticket in Malaysia (almost $8) is less expensive than one in Singapore ($14.50). If you are visiting JB, especially City Square, for a day trip, consider seeing a movie as it is a great way to spend your time there. If you're feeling rich, grab a popcorn combo for around RM13rm, or (whispering...) sneak in your preferred food/drink(Just kidding!).๐Ÿ™…

After purchasing our tickets, we proceeded to B1's restaurant section. Because there was a long line at Din Tai Fung, our family decided to eat at Kenny Roger instead. We decided to eat the Kennys' family meal because it was already 2.30pm and close to dinner time.

The Kenny family's meal (menu) consists of the following items(Menu):

1. 1 Whole rotisserie-roasted chicken

2. Three side dishes (Macaroni and cheese,Aromatic Rice and Garsley Potatoes)

3. Four soft drinks ( 2 sprite and 2 fanta strawberry)

4. 4 Kenny's Chicken & Mushroom Soup

Verdict:After adding extra charges, the total damage was around RM110+, which is equivalent to RM36.66 (or nearly $10 per person). However, it appears to be a typical Singapore Aston/Chic a Boo price. The side dishes were delicious, particularly the Aromatic Rice. My mother enjoys the macaroni and cheese a lot. The chicken was also decent, but when compared to our previous experiences with Kenny Roger in Msia at Genting Highlands, there was definitely a drop in quality. Will probably only return if other restaurants have long lines like that day.

We went to A&W after lunch because we still had time before the movie.

I ordered the hot dog meal and the waffle ice cream meal after 3pm++, both of which are about 8-9rm if my memory serves me correctly(menu).

Verdict: One of the fast food restaurants to try in Malaysia, as the Singapore branch is always crowded and has a long queue. The food was adequate and would make a good afternoon snack. Although the waffle is fairly ordinary and lacks the appeal of some cafe waffles. Root beer was great with ice-cream though,pretty easy to make one at home.Among the items I ordered, the corny hot dog was the best.

After we finished eating, it was finally time for a movie, so we returned to the GSH cinema on level 4. It was the first time that I watched a movie at GSH Cinema, and I must say that the seats were quite comfortable for a 2D movie ticket. The theatre was also pretty packed, as we only managed to purchase a seat in the second row beforehand.

Verdict: I hadn't seen Top Gun 1 before, but it was still pretty enjoyable for me; I would have probably appreciated the film more if I had seen Top Gun 1.

Then it was time for dinner at Arashi Shabu Shabu restaurant. I didn't photograph dinner for some reason (Forgotten actually,haha). We pretty much end the day after dinner and return to CIQ, this time with Grab for about RM14. On the way back to Singapore, traffic was also relatively smooth.

Sunday 12 June 2022

[Post 124] 1 Day trip to Johor Bahru after 2 years (Eat, Massage ,Karaoke)

After about two years, I traveled to Johor Bahru for the first time with a few friends for a day trip.We were pretty excited because we hadn't been to JB in over two years ever since covid.Fortunately, none of our passports expired during this time period, and we manage to went in without much queue

We met at the Woodland temporary bus interchange to board the 950, which will take us directly into customs.

(Note: If you want to take the 950, you must do so from the Woodland Temporary Bus Interchange, not the new Woodland Underground Air Conditioned Interchange.I'm not sure why it's planned this way though.)

The line for bus 950 is as long as usual, but the lines at the Singapore customs are relatively short. One notable change was the machine to verify your Identity.Previously, it only required your thumbprint as shown below.

Old thumbprint regconition machine(Source)

However,  the new machine will verify your identity through face recognition. If the machine does not recognize your face, be prepared to use your thumbprint.

(Note: Remove your mask or spectacles to allow the machine to regconise your face. This is what I observed from other queues)

New Facial Regconition Machine (Source)

We took 170 to the other side after passing through Singapore customs. On the Malaysian side, the queue was relatively short because we went after lunch, around late afternoon

(Note:We got lucky! ๐Ÿคž)

City square was pretty much the same as two years ago, however there were quite a few shop and restaurants that closed down in the inner city section.

We decided to have lunch at the newly opened meng meng roasted duck in JB city square as we had a good experience eating it at the KSL branch

If my memory serves me right, we ordered(Menu):
1. A roasted trio consisting of crispy roast pork, honey-roasted port, and roasted chicken (RM33.80)
2. Half duck roasted with Chinese herbs (RM44.80)
3.Old cucumber soup with pork rib(RM13.80) 
4.4 fragrant rice (for two people) (RM1.20 each)
5.5 herbal infusions (RM3.80 each)

Verdict: Damage was around 150rm ++ after extra charges, about RM30+ per person (not bad!). My friend claimed that this was the most delicious duck he had ever tasted in his life๐Ÿ˜‚,will probably be coming back

After which,we went to secret recipe to eat some cakes! .I order blueberry cheese cake(RM 10.19 per slice),while my friends order hokkaido triple cheese cake (RM 12.17 per slice ) and chocolate indulgence(RM 10.19 per slice)

(I'm too broke to eat cakes in Singapore ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Blueberry Cheese Cake (Source)

Chocolate Indulgence(Source)

Hokkaido Triple Cheesecake (Source)

We then decided to go to Holiday Plaza for a massage. But, due to the high cost of the grab and that no driver responded to our request, we returned to Malaysia Customs and took bus s1 from its bus interchange instead.

(Note: A one-way trip to KSL city mall via BUS S1 costs RM1.50; bring some coin or notes with you as payment is made by passing the money to the bus driver or inserting the notes/coin into the ticketing box.)

Bus S1 JB CIQ TO KSL(Source)

We arrive at KSL city mall after about a 10-minute ride. As we passed by the KSL hotel lobby, it was already fairly crowded, with Singaporeans checking in for a two-day, one-night stay.

There were quite a few shops selling screen protectors  ranging from RM10 to RM15 depending on your model, and one of my friends took the opportunity to change the phone screen.

(Note: This is relatively inexpensive in comparison to Singapore, where screen protector changes can cost up to $10.)

After that, we go over to Holiday Plaza, which is about a 5-minute walk from KSL, for a massage. Before covid, I used to come here for massages with my family, and many shops have since closed down, including the KFC and McDonald's outlets. On the way there, we stop at the K Fry outlet at the holiday villa for a reservation at 7 p.m.

I often go to two massage parlors on a regular basis: Javanese and Chinese traditional massage (opposite of Javanese massage). Due to the fact that there were only three lady massagers available at the Chinese traditional massage, two of my friends (couple) went shopping.

Javanese Massage(Source)

Verdict: As usual, it was a good massage and the masseur was skilled. Highly recommended since 1 hour of full body massage is around RM45, which is pretty cheap compare to the outlets in KSL mall. We did about 1hr 40min, which ended up being about RM70 because we had time to spare until 7pm.

(Note:The ladies masseur will tend to chat with each other, so if you are more of an ambience person and wish to have a better experience, try another more expensive massage or go alone next time.Both massages are also family-friendly.)

We meet at kFry after the massage. One plus point was that their welcome drink was coka cola (self refillable), which was very refreshing after the massage.

As below,we order(Menu):
1.K fry Garlic Soya wings(RM 25.40)
2.Original cheesy fried chicken Bambuk(RM 68.32)
3.Bulgogi fries(RM 20.76)
4.Truffle Fries(RM 21.92)
5.Plain water(Free)

Verdict:Total damages was around RM150++ .The chicken was pretty good itself, except the cheese mixed over the chicken tasted like chewing gum. It was also quite crowded. Most likely not coming back in the future.

By the way, during dinner, my two friends (couple) told us that while we were massaging, they went to sing karaoke at KSL city mall at I am a singer family karaoke (located on level 2 KSL city mall) for about an hour, which cost them about 50rm (after 6pm)

It was about 9.30pm and we decided to head back to JB city square to watch the new Dr.Strange movie as the last Bus from Malaysia custom to Singapore custom was around 12.30am midnight.But alas,there was no Dr strange showtime but only Top gun at 10.30Pm.It cost RM17 per ticket for weekend.

We decided to sing Karaoke instead at the newly refurbished neway karaoke ,now known as Queens karaoke by a majority vote๐ŸŽค

(BTW ,I voted for karaoke ๐Ÿ˜)

Neway Karaoke Box before (Source)

Queen Karaoke (Source)

Queen Karaoke Room Rate (Source)

Previously, Neway Karaoke charged per head, which was quite expensive despite the fact that it had a buffet, but the new Queen Karaoke has since changed to a per hour charge, which is a welcome change as one of my friends did not sing. We initially wanted to sing for an hour, so we booked the deluxe room (4-7 people) at RM38, which was similar to the one shown below. We ended up extending it another hour because we were having too much fun singing๐Ÿ˜.

Queen Karaoke Deluxe Room 4-7 pax (Source)

Verdict:Each room has two microphones. The song selection system is similar to other karaoke in JB. My ordered iced tea tasted like plain water though . Will definitely return for the RM38 per hour price, but will probably order only canned drinks next time.

After the karaoke,we simply head home to singapore without much queue as it was already past midnight.It was a breeze to get home because I live in the north.One of the rare perks of staying in the north๐Ÿ˜.

Final note: It was great fun to return to JB after a two-year absense.Can't wait to go back and explore other parts of JB to see if anything has changed in the last two years๐Ÿ˜. Will be sharing my experience to Mid Valley mall soon just last week

Sunday 22 May 2022

[Post 123]Can You Really Make Money With Play To Earn NFT Games?

Simply put, no. Evidence from the video suggests that such virtual Blockchain-based games should be avoided. The video also mentions that in order to play such games, players must first come up with the money. Furthermore, CNA suggests that it might be a Ponzi scam or pyramid scheme in which money from new players is used to pay out money to existing players. In summary, avoid such games if you have to come up with the cash in the first place. You are definitely better off selling NFT, but it is crucial to note that "minting" or generating an NFT still requires crypto, as seen in the video below, which provides a local Singaporean artist's view on the process of how to create ,buy and sell nft.

Friday 4 June 2021

[Post 122] Zero dollar project :carousell,Bitcoin Faucets,Short Link,Online survey update

Another school semester has come and gone,and is finally time to resume blogging!

Updates for zero dollar project(December 2020-June 2021)

2.Bitcoin faucets
3.Short link
4.Online survey



Did not keep track due to studies,assume NIL

2.Bitcoin faucets

unfortunately,coinpot has close down and so all of the related crpyto in my account is gone,oh well,hahaha

3.Short link

Total earning for short link :$5.18

4.Online survey

Current online survey on my list...(Bold mean that these survey websites have been verified for payout)

4.1 Toluna
4.3 YouGov
4.4 mobrog
4.5 ipanelonline
4.6 viewfruit
4.7 millleu(App on google play store)

Total earning for short link :$25.00+ 6.25+6.25+6.25=$43.75

Total earnings for latest update of zero dollar project:$5.18 +$43.75=$48.93 

been a busy semester ,hence the amount is quite low, but then again this zero dollar project is done to prove that you can earn money from the internet with just a mobile or laptop

Thanks for reading!