Saturday 2 July 2022

[Post 125] 1 Day trip to Johor Bahru (Eat and Movie)

Two weeks ago, I took a day excursion with my family to JB to catch Top Gun: Maverick at the Mid Valley Southkey Mall. We were met by a lengthy line at the Malaysia custom side, stretching all the way to the back, and it took approximately an hour and a half of line time before we were able to get our passports stamped, in contrast to my previous trip, where there was not much of a line. By that point, it was already after two in the afternoon, and we were starving.

We chose to grab there as our destination that day was the Mid Valley Southkey mall. Unfortunately, no driver was available that wanted to pick us up. Instead, we used the cab counter at the CIQ, which is below the CIQ and next to the Malaysian bus interchange, to get there.

(Author's note: Just specify your destination at the cab counter to get a quote on the cost. You may be assure that the quoted fee is fair, and a cab driver waiting by the counter will direct you to your vehicle. We were given a quote for RM16 to the nearby Mid Valley Southkey Mall about 10 mins aways.It is a little expensive but we are taking from CIQ after all.)

After about 10 minutes, we arrive at Mid Valley Southkey Mall. A brief overview: It is the largest mall in JB and was completed three years ago in 2019. Additionally, it houses Sogo, a Japanese department store and it is modeled after Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur (KL)

We decided to go to B1's restaurant because we were hungry. But first, we had to buy our movie tickets. The GSH Cinama in the Mid Valley is located on the 4th floor and appears to be very impressive at first glance.Do note that  tickets could only be purchased through the machine, so there will be some waiting time. The ticket 🎫 costs about RM23.50 (almost SGD8) per person.

Author's note: A weekend movie ticket in Malaysia (almost $8) is less expensive than one in Singapore ($14.50). If you are visiting JB, especially City Square, for a day trip, consider seeing a movie as it is a great way to spend your time there. If you're feeling rich, grab a popcorn combo for around RM13rm, or (whispering...) sneak in your preferred food/drink(Just kidding!).🙅

After purchasing our tickets, we proceeded to B1's restaurant section. Because there was a long line at Din Tai Fung, our family decided to eat at Kenny Roger instead. We decided to eat the Kennys' family meal because it was already 2.30pm and close to dinner time.

The Kenny family's meal (menu) consists of the following items(Menu):

1. 1 Whole rotisserie-roasted chicken

2. Three side dishes (Macaroni and cheese,Aromatic Rice and Garsley Potatoes)

3. Four soft drinks ( 2 sprite and 2 fanta strawberry)

4. 4 Kenny's Chicken & Mushroom Soup

Verdict:After adding extra charges, the total damage was around RM110+, which is equivalent to RM36.66 (or nearly $10 per person). However, it appears to be a typical Singapore Aston/Chic a Boo price. The side dishes were delicious, particularly the Aromatic Rice. My mother enjoys the macaroni and cheese a lot. The chicken was also decent, but when compared to our previous experiences with Kenny Roger in Msia at Genting Highlands, there was definitely a drop in quality. Will probably only return if other restaurants have long lines like that day.

We went to A&W after lunch because we still had time before the movie.

I ordered the hot dog meal and the waffle ice cream meal after 3pm++, both of which are about 8-9rm if my memory serves me correctly(menu).

Verdict: One of the fast food restaurants to try in Malaysia, as the Singapore branch is always crowded and has a long queue. The food was adequate and would make a good afternoon snack. Although the waffle is fairly ordinary and lacks the appeal of some cafe waffles. Root beer was great with ice-cream though,pretty easy to make one at home.Among the items I ordered, the corny hot dog was the best.

After we finished eating, it was finally time for a movie, so we returned to the GSH cinema on level 4. It was the first time that I watched a movie at GSH Cinema, and I must say that the seats were quite comfortable for a 2D movie ticket. The theatre was also pretty packed, as we only managed to purchase a seat in the second row beforehand.

Verdict: I hadn't seen Top Gun 1 before, but it was still pretty enjoyable for me; I would have probably appreciated the film more if I had seen Top Gun 1.

Then it was time for dinner at Arashi Shabu Shabu restaurant. I didn't photograph dinner for some reason (Forgotten actually,haha). We pretty much end the day after dinner and return to CIQ, this time with Grab for about RM14. On the way back to Singapore, traffic was also relatively smooth.

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