Friday 15 July 2022

[Post 128] Living On $25K A Year In Greater Baltimore | Millennial Money

Summary:Jerone Gillespie, 23, earns $25,000 a year between driving for Uber and Lyft and working in a tax preparation office. When the pandemic hit, Gillespie stopped driving for Uber and Lyft to keep himself safe, and he relied solely on his tax job for income. He earns $14.50 an hour as the manager of the tax office.

Personal Takeaway:He earns about $25,000 USD (approximately SGD $35,146/year or SGD $2928.33/month) per year as a manager in a tax office ($14.50 USD/he) and does Uber and Lyft on the side. He used to sleep in his car and on his brother's couch, and he used to save money by eating only once or twice a day. He also took out a loan for about $20,000, with an annual interest rate of about 3.75 percent.His typical spending round up to about $1,282 USD (approximately SGD $1788.33),which inferred that his saving is around SGD $1140 and that it was used in stock and ETF.Seem pretty impressive to have such a high saving rate and is definitely a source of insipration for everyone else with median income

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