Tuesday 26 July 2022

[Post 137] Young Investors | Channel NewsAsia Connect

1. Arthur Cheong

Arthur started investing at age 19 and shortly after, blew his entire account in just 2 weeks. Fortunately he was able to overcome his failure and subsequently made profit from investment. We take a look at the wisdom this young investor has gained from his investing experiences

2.Ang Kar Yong

Kar Yong began trading Forex with US$500 in 2012. One year on, his account grew exponentially, up to US$13,000. This episode takes a peek into the trading strategy and motivations of this 22-year-old young investor. It also features a wealth management expert, with tips on Forex trading.

3.Shane Low

23-year-old Shane is a student who dreams of being financially free by age 30, but is it possible? How is the young investor working towards attaining his financial goal? A wealth management expert explains how you can achieve your financial goals.

4.Karen Foo

After a stint at a 9-5 job at age 21, Karen decided to turn to investing as a way out of the rat race. We follow her journey into the world of investment and find out skills she has learned so far. We also feature a wealth management expert, with tips on how you can be a better trader.

5.Chang Choon Fah 

At age 17, Choon Fah was given $8000 by his father, and told to put that money into stocks. 4 years on, we see how this young man has evolved into a seasoned young investor with investment strategies of his own. A wealth management expert gives tips on how parents can give their kids a head start into the world of investing.

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