Friday, 2 March 2018

(Week 13/Post 10):zero dollar business update:carousell,crptocurrency and short link

Firstly,welcome back to the sad reality after the cny holiday:) 

During cny spring cleaning,I found many more treasure to sell on carousell(Yes,more book to sell!!)

As for the faucets,it is still going well with daily collection:) 

My friend has inform me that the bitcoin faucets I am also has otheir faucets in other cryptocurrency such as dash etc(may have to do research on this as well)

And this week I have continue researching on the ways and method of earning via short link

Research link

Method 1:If you have a website,you can use this shorten links there in your articles and also you can interlink your post in the website(which is one of the method that i am doing)

Method 2:You can write a post and add a link to it

Method that i have come out with/currently employed...

Method 3:Providing useful post or guide e.g free ebook and short link it?

Method 4:Providing the decklist of my yugioh video on my youtube channel(yup,another topic to talk about next week)

That's all for my update this week!

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