Thursday 29 March 2018

(Post 12/Week 14)Zero dollar project:Cryptocurrency,carousell,short link,Affiliate marketing

I am back to update with my zero dollar project, yeah!😀

Zero Dollar Project

2.Bitcoin Faucet
3.Short link(youtube and 3 weekly financial posts)
4.Affiliate marketing(Amazon)



One of my friends told me that posting regularly on carousell works for him very well,(if only I got that much item to sell), haha. Still, this week was also another boring week with only one or two offers from buyers but due to a clash in schedule, I would have to propose the buy/sell to next week

2.Bitcoin faucet

As for the bitcoin(or should I say cryptocurrency)faucets, it is steadily increasing due to regularly collecting from the faucets. In the last post, I sign up with, and and along with, I have also been collecting from these faucets regular or almost daily basis. Certainly, I must say this part of the zero dollar project is going well

3.Short Link

In my last post, I mention about my Youtube channel showcasing Yugioh(a trading card game)duel and the blog that goes along with it. In my blog, I provide the link(short link actually) to download the decklist, thereby earning a small amount of money.

Anyway, I have moved the 3 financial post I recommend to read per week to my facebook page, you can probably see my facebook page if you are on a desktop

If you click the picture you will be brought straight to the article page but if you click the link above(the one that is circle below) you will be brought to a short link before going to the article, again please take it as donating to a patreon account without forking any money if you enjoy reading the articles I recommend.

4.Affiliate marketing(Amazon)

If you have noticed on the right side of my blog(probably on the desktop only), you could see the facebook page and a couple of affiliated products(book of personal finance) of Amazon, this is something that I thought I would give it try even though I expect the result would not be not so stellar 
(If I am able to earn via affiliate marketing, why not??)

And apparently, affiliate marketing is a serious business, lots of prominent bloggers are using it as an extra revenue to generate income, I would probably do more result on affiliate marketing to find a good strategy to implement it(probably somewhere this week maybe?)

That's all for this weekly post and updates, do check out and like my facebook page where I share articles that are a good read!

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