Sunday 18 March 2018

(Post 11/week 14)zero dollar project:cryptocurrency,carousell and short link

Hi all, I am back this week with my updates on my zero dollar project.

Zero dollar project

2.Bitcoin faucets
3.Short link



Nothing much up for carousell this week, just uploading more book to sell from my massive collection

2.Bitcoin faucets

This week, our bitcoin faucets collection

Last week, my friend mention about also has its counterpart faucets for dash and other cryptocurrencies

From the research link:

I found out that actually there are many other cryptocurrencies that the Moon faucets are currently offering, such as bitcoin cash,litecoin, dash and dogecoin

Like the faucet that I am using, the other cryptocurrency also includes daily loyalty bonus and a mystery bonus

Most importantly,coinpot(the cryptocurrency wallet that the bitcoin are deposit into and what I am using now) has the ability to convert the cryptocurrency in your account to the coin of your choice, this means that you should open an account with all the moon faucets to maximize your earning.

So of course, the next step for me is to sign up with the other moon faucets

Anyway, for now, I will give it a try and see how it goes for a week(will probably update about the other faucets result next week)

3.Short link

In the last post, I mention about my youtube channel on Yugioh duel.

Basically on my youtube channel,I upload videos of Yugioh trading card game duel with some "super basic video technique"(and by super basic I really mean super basic)and provide the decklist for the duels on my Yugioh blog where there is a "short link" waiting for them to download the decklist(A Microsoft word document that has the list of cards)

It may seem a little underhand of me to do that but I have work on this channel for a long time and do not wish to give up on it anytime soon.

It wasn't always like that though, I used to provide the decklist on the youtube video description and I was earning very little but hey, Yugioh is one of my passion so I didn't mind much about it until this

The above news make me feel that youtube is simply abandoning the small channel for the bigger channel(probably to attract more advertiser?)But anyway, I still continue to upload the video to my channel and providing the decklist using short link.

Anyway, enough about that, I have come up with a new way to earn via short link and it is to provide link to other financial articles on the blog

So starting from this week I will do our 3 financial posts to read this week segment(hint: you can also copy and paste the link to avoid the short link;-)

3 financial post to read this week




Please take it as clicking the link above as donating to a patreon account without forking any money, if you enjoy reading my post please support me, thank you very much! that's all for this week will continue to update again next week

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