Monday 16 April 2018

(Post 14/Week 16):Zero dollar project:Carousell,Cryptocurrency,short link and survey

 Back for this week update of my zero dollar project!

I have decided to split my weekly blog post into two part: Zero dollar project and tipforthought as it's getting a lil bit messy

So far on the list...

2.Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin faucets)
3.Short link



This week regular update on my carousell, do follow me on carousel!

2.Bitcoin faucets

I just found out there is a moon faucet for bitcoin cash, all the wasted opportunity...gonna try it out also, will update next week

3.Short link

This week update on my Youtube channel and my youtube channel blog

4. Online Paid Survey

So far I have tried out toluna, where I have screenshot the payment in my last post

I am currently trying out mysurvey which has low payout criteria of  $2(the lowest that I have seen so far, not that I have tried many only toluna and mysurvey so far)

I am reaching the payout for mysurvey soon and I would probably update on next week post whether this online survey is legit.

I will soon be posting part two of this post:tipforthought, stay tuned till then

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