Sunday 22 April 2018

(Post 16/week 17)Zero dollar project:Carousell,Bitcoin faucets,Short link and Online survey updates

Report for this week zero dollar project, so far on the list...

2.Bitcoin faucets
3.short link survey



This week I manage to sell off one item on my carousell(like finally!)also I have uploaded quite a lot of listing this week due to a spring cleaning of my room during the weekend

2.Bitcoin faucets
This week collection of bitcoin faucets, just last week I found out about moon bit cash existence(all the wasted opportunity like I said last week...)

3.Short link

My earning on short link so far...(I have just withdrawn recently from shorte btw)

For more information, how I use both short links on my YouTube and blog read here

4.Online survey

So far on the list of online survey, I have tried out


The bold means that I have confirmed that there is payout

Last week, I started on using surveyon because it has a low payout rate of $2 and within a week I have manage to reach the minimum payout rate of $2, which is 20000 points in surveyon, here is the proof

I am starting to think that online survey are a really good addition to my zero dollar project and that you all should try it too, the extra money will really help to pay some bill(my phone bills etc, haha)

That's all for the updates on my zero dollar project this week!

Stay tuned to part two of my post tipforthought

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