Sunday 22 April 2018

(Post 17/week 17)Tip for thought:Job portal in sg and Common interview question

1.An interesting article to read this week

Note: I am not affiliated to any of the organization mentions below(except saf, hahaha)

Came across this interesting article on Quora about the various job portal in Singapore and thought that I would like to share with you all



A list of job portal for full and part-time job

1) JobsDB

2) Jobstreet

3) Jobs Central

4) Jobs Bank

5) Linkedin

6) Monster

7) Gumtree

A list of job portal for job internship and startups

1) Glint

2) InternSG

3) Stroff

4) Startup jobs

Portal for working professionals advice and job seekers/professional to seek advice on personal career development for workplace success.

1) Robert Walter career advice

2) Styleguide

2.Tipforthought: Common interview questions tips(taken from an article mostly, haha)

Question 1: Tell me more about yourself
  • A common starting interview questions to break the ice for interviewers to know more about you.
  • Do prepare a short presentation about yourself, give a brief summary of your personal details(hobbies, community involvement, education qualification and work experience)
Question 2: What are your strength and weakness?
  • Do not boast too much of yourself and do not put yourself down(always late for appointment etc)
  • Do Share 1 or 2 weakness and mention how you overcome them and do mention about 3 strength which would make a positive impression about your capabilities
Question 3: Why do you want to join this company?
  • This is a question where you have to think through carefully by doing research on the company culture and industry
  • Never give answer such as "I was attracted to the workplace benefit" or "the workplace is near my home"
  • Most importantly is that you must let the interviewer know that you are selective of your job and not just take any job that is available

Question 4: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  • This question is often probed by the interviewer to see that if you are someone that set goals as employers believe that people who set goals are more reliable than those who do not set goals
  • Do give answer such as "I would like to be head of marketing in the next 5 years" or "I would like to take up more challenges and learning opportunities in my career where necessary"
  • Do not give an answer such as "I wish to have a family in 5 years" or "earn my first millions in 5 years"
Question 5: Why should we hire you?

You must be familiar with the company culture and job description as you have to showcase your compatibility with the job and company. Also, talk about your skill set, experience and past achievement and knowledge to set you apart from the rest of the candidate

Extra tip
  • 1. Ask the interviewer some question to show interest in that such as"can I have more in-depth details on the job scope?" Or "what will be the work environment like?"
  • 2. Write a thank you mail to the interviewer after the interview to thank the interviewer for the chance of opportunity and to learn more about the job
  • 3. Lastly, if you are caught up with something, do reschedule with the interviewer\
I hope some of these tips help!

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(Post 16/week 17)Zero dollar project:Carousell,Bitcoin faucets,Short link and Online survey updates

Report for this week zero dollar project, so far on the list...

2.Bitcoin faucets
3.short link survey



This week I manage to sell off one item on my carousell(like finally!)also I have uploaded quite a lot of listing this week due to a spring cleaning of my room during the weekend

2.Bitcoin faucets
This week collection of bitcoin faucets, just last week I found out about moon bit cash existence(all the wasted opportunity like I said last week...)

3.Short link

My earning on short link so far...(I have just withdrawn recently from shorte btw)

For more information, how I use both short links on my YouTube and blog read here

4.Online survey

So far on the list of online survey, I have tried out


The bold means that I have confirmed that there is payout

Last week, I started on using surveyon because it has a low payout rate of $2 and within a week I have manage to reach the minimum payout rate of $2, which is 20000 points in surveyon, here is the proof

I am starting to think that online survey are a really good addition to my zero dollar project and that you all should try it too, the extra money will really help to pay some bill(my phone bills etc, haha)

That's all for the updates on my zero dollar project this week!

Stay tuned to part two of my post tipforthought

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Monday 16 April 2018

(Post 14/Week 16):Zero dollar project:Carousell,Cryptocurrency,short link and survey

 Back for this week update of my zero dollar project!

I have decided to split my weekly blog post into two part: Zero dollar project and tipforthought as it's getting a lil bit messy

So far on the list...

2.Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin faucets)
3.Short link



This week regular update on my carousell, do follow me on carousel!

2.Bitcoin faucets

I just found out there is a moon faucet for bitcoin cash, all the wasted opportunity...gonna try it out also, will update next week

3.Short link

This week update on my Youtube channel and my youtube channel blog

4. Online Paid Survey

So far I have tried out toluna, where I have screenshot the payment in my last post

I am currently trying out mysurvey which has low payout criteria of  $2(the lowest that I have seen so far, not that I have tried many only toluna and mysurvey so far)

I am reaching the payout for mysurvey soon and I would probably update on next week post whether this online survey is legit.

I will soon be posting part two of this post:tipforthought, stay tuned till then

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Friday 6 April 2018

(Post 13/Week 15)Zero dollar project:Crytocurrency,Carousell,Short link and Afflilate marketing

Hi all, this week there is a new addition to my new zero dollar project: paid survey

But first, let's present my updates for this week

3.Short link
4.An interesting post to share this week
5.Paid online survey



                                                                                     My weekly update of item! (while stocks last!)


My coinpot collection this week!

Before                                           After

Before                                           After

3.Short link

        Mine earning so far from short link

My Youtube channel and my youtube channel blog

4.An interesting post to share this week

Post: have also posted this on sonicericsg facebook page)

Though this post is quite dated some time back, it's findings is still relevant in 2018

Key summaries:
1. Fund managers have all the insiders trading tips and an edge over individual investors
2. Individual investors do have an edge over wall street traders and that is time.
3. With time, the odds of you making a loss is 0 percent, if you hold for 5 years(10years would be a more safer choice)
4. To quote from the article". Five years, and you're doing better. Ten years, and there's a good chance you'll be sitting on positive annual returns. Hold them for 20, 30, or 50 years, and there has never been a period in history when stocks produced an average annual loss. In fact, the worst you've done over any 30-year period in history is increased your money two-and-a-half fold after inflation"

Pretty nifty eh?

5.Paid survey

Actually, this part of my zero dollar project has been in the works for some time, about a month or two back. But firstly, let me introduce you to paid survey!


One of the surveys she recommends to try out is toluna and I am have been trying them out for almost a month, here are the results...

My PayPal payment! (and it just took around a month)

To cash out from toluna, you need about 40000 points ($20 via PayPal), each survey is about a 2000-5000 point sometimes maybe more

Overall, it seems like paid surveys are a good way to go for my zero dollar project!

That's all for this week, do stay tuned to next week blog post!

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Thursday 29 March 2018

(Post 12/Week 14)Zero dollar project:Cryptocurrency,carousell,short link,Affiliate marketing

I am back to update with my zero dollar project, yeah!😀

Zero Dollar Project

2.Bitcoin Faucet
3.Short link(youtube and 3 weekly financial posts)
4.Affiliate marketing(Amazon)



One of my friends told me that posting regularly on carousell works for him very well,(if only I got that much item to sell), haha. Still, this week was also another boring week with only one or two offers from buyers but due to a clash in schedule, I would have to propose the buy/sell to next week

2.Bitcoin faucet

As for the bitcoin(or should I say cryptocurrency)faucets, it is steadily increasing due to regularly collecting from the faucets. In the last post, I sign up with, and and along with, I have also been collecting from these faucets regular or almost daily basis. Certainly, I must say this part of the zero dollar project is going well

3.Short Link

In my last post, I mention about my Youtube channel showcasing Yugioh(a trading card game)duel and the blog that goes along with it. In my blog, I provide the link(short link actually) to download the decklist, thereby earning a small amount of money.

Anyway, I have moved the 3 financial post I recommend to read per week to my facebook page, you can probably see my facebook page if you are on a desktop

If you click the picture you will be brought straight to the article page but if you click the link above(the one that is circle below) you will be brought to a short link before going to the article, again please take it as donating to a patreon account without forking any money if you enjoy reading the articles I recommend.

4.Affiliate marketing(Amazon)

If you have noticed on the right side of my blog(probably on the desktop only), you could see the facebook page and a couple of affiliated products(book of personal finance) of Amazon, this is something that I thought I would give it try even though I expect the result would not be not so stellar 
(If I am able to earn via affiliate marketing, why not??)

And apparently, affiliate marketing is a serious business, lots of prominent bloggers are using it as an extra revenue to generate income, I would probably do more result on affiliate marketing to find a good strategy to implement it(probably somewhere this week maybe?)

That's all for this weekly post and updates, do check out and like my facebook page where I share articles that are a good read!

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Sunday 18 March 2018

(Post 11/week 14)zero dollar project:cryptocurrency,carousell and short link

Hi all, I am back this week with my updates on my zero dollar project.

Zero dollar project

2.Bitcoin faucets
3.Short link



Nothing much up for carousell this week, just uploading more book to sell from my massive collection

2.Bitcoin faucets

This week, our bitcoin faucets collection

Last week, my friend mention about also has its counterpart faucets for dash and other cryptocurrencies

From the research link:

I found out that actually there are many other cryptocurrencies that the Moon faucets are currently offering, such as bitcoin cash,litecoin, dash and dogecoin

Like the faucet that I am using, the other cryptocurrency also includes daily loyalty bonus and a mystery bonus

Most importantly,coinpot(the cryptocurrency wallet that the bitcoin are deposit into and what I am using now) has the ability to convert the cryptocurrency in your account to the coin of your choice, this means that you should open an account with all the moon faucets to maximize your earning.

So of course, the next step for me is to sign up with the other moon faucets

Anyway, for now, I will give it a try and see how it goes for a week(will probably update about the other faucets result next week)

3.Short link

In the last post, I mention about my youtube channel on Yugioh duel.

Basically on my youtube channel,I upload videos of Yugioh trading card game duel with some "super basic video technique"(and by super basic I really mean super basic)and provide the decklist for the duels on my Yugioh blog where there is a "short link" waiting for them to download the decklist(A Microsoft word document that has the list of cards)

It may seem a little underhand of me to do that but I have work on this channel for a long time and do not wish to give up on it anytime soon.

It wasn't always like that though, I used to provide the decklist on the youtube video description and I was earning very little but hey, Yugioh is one of my passion so I didn't mind much about it until this

The above news make me feel that youtube is simply abandoning the small channel for the bigger channel(probably to attract more advertiser?)But anyway, I still continue to upload the video to my channel and providing the decklist using short link.

Anyway, enough about that, I have come up with a new way to earn via short link and it is to provide link to other financial articles on the blog

So starting from this week I will do our 3 financial posts to read this week segment(hint: you can also copy and paste the link to avoid the short link;-)

3 financial post to read this week




Please take it as clicking the link above as donating to a patreon account without forking any money, if you enjoy reading my post please support me, thank you very much! that's all for this week will continue to update again next week

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Friday 2 March 2018

(Post 10/Week 13):zero dollar business update:carousell,cryptocurrency and short link

Firstly, welcome back to the sad reality after the CNY holiday:) 

During CNY spring cleaning, I found many more treasures to sell on carousell(Yes, more book to sell!!)


As for the faucets, it is still going well with daily collection:) 

My friend has informed me that the bitcoin faucets I am also has other faucets in other cryptocurrencies such as dash etc(may have to do research on this as well)

And this week I have continued research on the ways and method of earning via short link

Research link

Method 1: If you have a website, you can use this shorten links there in your articles and also you can interlink your post in the website(which is one of the methods that I am doing)

Method 2: You can write a post and add a link to it

Method that I have come out with/currently employed...

Method 3: Providing useful post or guide e.g free ebook and short link it?

Method 4: Providing the decklist of my Yugioh video on my youtube channel(yup, another topic to talk about next week)

That's all for my update this week!

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